"No Change" Parking Meters Rake in Bonus £300k in a Year

Cornwall Council has been having a whale of a time ripping off tourists and locals, with its "no change" parking meters taking over £300,000 in excess parking fees thanks to a decision to stop handing out change. The cost of maintaining the float and an increased risk of vandalism in cash-carrying machines are the excuses for the windfall. [BBC] Read More >>

George Michael Thinks Cannabis Briefly Gave Him a West Country Accent

Let's go outside, George Michael; you're definitely in need of some fresh air if you truly believe that smoking a few joints could make you contract a wholly different accent. Read More >>

The UK Floods in Pictures: South West Submerged as Waters Break Defences

Two months of heavy rains and stormy weather has left large swathes of the UK a soggy, sodden mess. Floods have caused damage to some 1,600 properties (mainly in the South West of England), and there seems little sign of the sorry weather abating. Read More >>

Devon and Cornwall Police Blocked From Web Porn and Gambling 2,700 Times in Three Months

Bobbies out on the, ahem, beat, in Devon and Cornwall have been caught trying to access pornographic and gambling related materials from force computers more than 2,700 times over the past three months. Pop-up adverts from "legitimate" websites were to blame say police officials. Yeah, like we haven't heard that one before... Read More >>

BT Trials Cable-Meltingly Fast Broadband

Hold on to your hats everyone, we have liftoff. British Telecom's just unveiled a proof-of-concept network, here in the sunny UK no less, that's running at 10Gbps. Yeah, that's right. Broadband at 10 freaking gigabits per second -- internet so fast it's just plain pointless. Read More >>

The Mystery of Sir James Tillie's Missing Corpse

Sir James Tillie was, by all accounts, a slightly strange chap. An eccentric Cornish landowner, he had a rather unique burial after his death, and to this day the location of his final resting place is a myth. Grave robbers need not fear, however; a new restoration of his mausoleum looks set to reveal the location of Britain’s most eccentric and elusive corpse. Read More >>

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This Gorgeous Timelapse Shows Cornwall Can Look Stunning, Too

It's fair to say that we get a lot of truly beautiful timelapse videos out of the US. In fact, I'd say the UK is a little under-represented in this wonderfully modern art form. But that's not because Britain's ugly, as this stunning video shows. Read More >>

200 Lucky LTE-Wielding Cornish Really Are Getting Everything Everywhere

We're not going to be living the superfast 4G dream as soon as our American cousins, but at least we're making a little bit of progress in the UK. Read More >>


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