Apple Rumoured to be Asking US Networks for $100 iPhone 6 Price Hike

Today's unsubstantiated iPhone 6 rumour concerns the price of the forthcoming phone, with Apple said to be aware it has the networks over a barrel and hitting them up for a price increase of $100 (£60) per phone. What are they going to do? Not stock the iPhone? Read More >>

£100 Light Bulb Swaps Enrage London Cops

Maintenance company Interserve is raking it in changing light bulbs for the Met police, with Scotland Yard shamefully admitting it pays up to £100 a time to have someone come out to an "urgent" light bulb problem. Even non-urgent bulb swaps cost the taxpayer £26 a time, a situation said to infuriate cops who work a little harder to earn their money. [Standard] Read More >>

Londoners, Try to Be Happy -- Singapore is the REAL Most Expensive City

An entirely different set of metrics to the ones used by some other people has decided that, no, London isn't really the most expensive place to exist in the world -- it's actually Singapore. London doesn't even make the top six. Read More >>

Miserable Work Commuters Blamed for Disastrous Rail Satisfaction Survey

Over half of the UK's rail franchises scored dismal customer satisfaction scores in a recent survey, with contentment levels at under 50 per cent on 11 of our 19 rail networks -- and one rail company having the audacity to suggest it's because trains take us to work and we hate working. Hence the misery. Nothing to do with being endlessly ripped off, then? Read More >>

Train Companies Heap on the Misery With 2.8 Per Cent Fare Rise and £5,000 Season Ticket Hell

Today's the day that travelling by train gets a little more expensive, as the rail franchises treat themselves to their usual annual pay rise at our expense. Across the country, an average 2.8 per cent increase kicks in today, with some commuters now paying over £5,000 for the privilege of sweating on a train twice a day. Read More >>

EU Votes to Ban Mobile Call, Text and Data Roaming Fees From 2014

A complete end to mobile roaming fee stress should hit Europe next year, thanks to EU politicians voting to approve and "fast track" into law regulations that stop the networks charging us any roaming fees while within the EU's member states. Read More >>

Facebook Widens £10 Celebrity Stalking Messaging Fee

Facebook is pushing ahead with the launch of a crazy new paid messaging service in the UK, which sees users charged up to £10 a time to send unsolicited messages to celebrities and other people not already on their friends list. Read More >>

Mr Average UK Has Spent £345 on iTunes (Before Child IAP Tax)

The average UK user of iTunes has spent £345 buying/leasing a digital music and media collection through Apple's servers, according to a survey that tracked people's iOS spending habits. Read More >>

Quit Your Whining -- We Have the Cheapest Phone, Mobile and TV Bundles Around

We may regularly be up in arms whenever something starts costing an extra pound or two, but when compared against the major economies of Europe and the US, we actually pay the least per month when it comes to sorting out our phone, TV and internet needs. Read More >>

Texting Your Mum Costs More Than Texting MARS

In terms of cost per kilobyte of data, the Earth-based telecoms companies are charging us more per byte of data than the cost of communicating with Mars. Try wheeling that statistic out the next time you're trying to blag an upgrade. Read More >>

BT Shamefully Bumping Up its Rural Broadband Costs to Profit From Subsidies?

A rather shocking leaked document from next-gen broadband delivery agency BDUK claims BT's been fiddling the figures, with the national network needlessly boosting its fibre installation costs to help grab bigger subsidies. Read More >>

Apple Pockets At Least £400 in Profit from Each iPhone 5 Sale

Component supplier guesstimates have given us a rough idea of how much it costs Apple to make the iPhone 5, with the cheapest 16GB costing Apple around £127 in bits and manufacturing fees to build. It's going to make a nice bit of money out of it, to say the least. Read More >>

T-Mobile's Global Roaming Data Deals Start at £1 a Day for 3MB Across Europe

T-Mobile has joined O2, Vodafone and Three in offering a capped mobile data plan for travellers, so its users don't end up with a £150 phone bill for daring to send a horrified Tweet from the streets of Magaluf. Read More >>

Oracle Ordered to Pay Google's Costs in Latest Legal Humiliation

Fresh from losing a critical battle in its fight with Google over Java and Android, Oracle has now been shamed a little more thanks to the judge ordering it to pay Google's legal fees. Read More >>

O2 Launches Pay-Per-Day Euro Discounts to End Holiday Data Worries

O2 has launched a new bolt-on mobile package it's calling O2 Travel, which gives its monthly contract and pre-pay customers a cross-European bundle of calls and mobile data for a fixed price of £1.99 a day. Read More >>


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