The British are the Bad Guys in Falkland Islands Counter-Strike

An Argentinian map pack for ever-popular online shooter Counter-Strike lets locals fight to liberate the islands from British rule, letting the Argies play as the police as dumping the Brits in the role of terrorists. Read More >>

Some Cheap iPods, iPads, and WD Live TVs From HMV Are Your "It's Not Quite a Fire Sale, But It's Better Than Nothing" Deal of the Day

HMV's future is still in some jeopardy, although Sir Elton John is riding in to the rescue, with big talk about instore performances that are more likely to cause riots than retail recoveries. Read More >>

The Complete Valve Pack Is Your "Hell No, PC Gaming's Not Dead!" Deal of the Day

Today's top offer is one for the PC gamers, throwing them into the spotlight and making a mockery of the oft-heard claim that they're nothing more than seventh-class citizens with gnarled, warty hands and features that would scare a horse to death. Read More >>


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