If You Need a Fake Passport Head to Jersey, Where it's Legal to Make One... For Now

Here's a weird pub quiz question for you -- where can you currently fake up a passport and not get in trouble? Answer: In Jersey, where, for some odd historical reason, the laws have never been updated to make the mocking up of passports illegal. Read More >>

Chinese Counterfeiters Don't Knock-Off Wearable Tech, No One Wants Them

When you've got a hit, somebody's gonna try to rip it off. The rule is almost universal, applying to erotic fiction books the same way it applies to iPhones. Read More >>

A Look Inside Afghanistan's Almost-Apple Store

Fake Apple stores are nothing new. China has a slew of them, all polished and shiny, appearing almost as if they are the genuine article at a glance. Quartz dug up some details on Afghanistan's (fake) Apple store, and though it's a bit more frumpy than most, it still gets the job done. Read More >>

Yep, Chinese Lightning Connector Knock-Offs Work Just Fine

Now that Apple's shoved some security chips in its iDevice Lightning connectors it can pretty much charge what it likes for cables and accessories. Thankfully, nothing stops Chinese ingenuity. And yes, £3 Chinese knock-offs work just fine, so Apple can go stuff it's £15 Lightning cable. Read More >>

Don't Buy an iPhone 5 Dock Because It's a Chinese Scam

Apple doesn't make a standup dock for the iPhone 5, which sucks. Normally we'd turn to our friends in China to do what Apple can't (or won't), but in this case, no: purported Lightning docks are complete broken fakery. Read More >>

New British Booze Tricorder Can Tell You That Vodka's Not Really Smirnoff

Apparently the UK is battling with counterfeit booze at the moment. I can’t say I’ve noticed any knock-off Gordon’s floating around, apart from the so-close-it’s–almost-copyright-infringement own brands from the supermarkets that is. Still, boffins from the University of Leicester have come up with a hand-held booze scanner that’ll detect the dodgy stuff without even having to open the bottle. Read More >>

Police Knock 2,000 Counterfeiting Domains Offline

The Met's e-crime coppers have knocked 2,000 UK-registered domain names off the net for selling counterfeit goods and ripping off consumers. The police worked with Nominet, the governor of all things .uk, to suspend their addresses. Read More >>

Whisky + Lasers = a Glass Full of Awesome

You know what's great? Really good scotch whiskey. You know what's not great? Fake scotch whiskey. Worry not. Researchers at St. Andrews University have figured out how to test your whiskey's authenticity by shooting it with lasers. Read More >>


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