Apple UK Seems Marginally More Apologetic as it Removes Page Resizing Code

Apple continues to make an absolutely huge mess of apologising to Samsung, with the Javascript that initially hid the legal correction from view now removed from the UK site so its half-arsed apology is a little more visible. Read More >>

apple vs samsung
Apple Can't Even Say Sorry Correctly

Oh dear Apple, I know you're bitter and twisted about having to apologise to Samsung and tell the world that it didn't copy you, but at least you could do it right the first time eh? A UK Judge has slammed Apple for adding "untrue" and "incorrect" details to its apology. Read More >>

Facebook Ordered to Unmask Internet Trolls

Internet trolls are a sad reflection of human society let lose on the internet. They spread their bile behind the protection of anonymity, and can follow you anywhere on the internet and out on the street. Now one woman is taking the fight to back to them; she has a court order forcing Facebook to unmask the vile hate mongers. Read More >>

Over 9,000 Porn Pirates Caught With Their Pants Down as O2's Hand Is Forced

Looks like those pirating porn on O2 are about to get a little more exposure than they bargained for. The broadband arm of the mobile network has been ordered by the High Court to give up the personal details of over 9,000 customers to smut baron Ben Dover, over accusations of porn piracy. Read More >>

Newzbin2 Gets the Cold Shoulder From Sky As Well

That messy court ordered website blocking business is continuing unabated, with Sky being the latest to be strong-armed into blockade of Newsbin2. It was asked "nicely" by the Motion Picture Association last month, and despite the EU ruling that forcing ISPs to filter sites for piracy is illegal, it's now come back with a court order. Read More >>


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