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Microsoft Just Boosted the CPU in the Xbox One

Not only is the Xbox One's graphics powers getting better, the CPU in the Xbox One is now going to be faster than what was announced. The Xbox One's CPU will now clock in at 1.75GHz which beats the 1.6GHz speed we originally thought we were going to get. Free hertz is always a win. Read More >>

Here's the First 5.0 GHz CPU You Can Actually Buy

AMD just one-upped its own series of eight-core FX processors, and the golden child of this newest lineup is unquestionably the FX-9590, which it claims is the world's "first-ever 5 GHz processor." While technically that record was already beat—and by AMD themselves, no less—it is, in fact, the first commercially available 5GHz CPU processor. Read More >>

These Brand New AMD A-Series Processors Could Power Your Next Desktop

AMD just announced the processor that could power your next desktop: the second generation A-Series processor. It has more cores for more power, integrated graphics with the AMD Radeon HD 7000 for graphics, and puts a high priority on power efficiency. Read More >>

Samsung's New Exynos Mobile Chip: USB 3.0 and 1080p Video at 60fps

Samsung has released the specs of its new Exynos 5 Dual mobile chip, and it looks set to be an absolute powerhouse. An ARM-based 1.7 GHz mobile CPU, it seems set be a massive leap forward from the Exynos 4 Quad which currently powers the Galaxy S III . Read More >>

You Need 1,872 Processors to Accurately Simulate Ice Cream

If you think making ice cream is easy, think again. For commercial manufacturers of the stuff, perfecting the recipe is so important that they model its properties on a supercomputer—and to do it properly requires a rig packing 1,872 processors. Read More >>

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What Is Intel Turbo Boost?

Lots of exciting new computers! And no matter what, we still get jazzed about processor speeds. But what's this Turbo Boost business Apple mentioned? Why do CPUs have two different speeds? It's actually pretty simple. Read More >>

The Geekiest Game on the Planet Is CPU Top Trumps

We previously pointed out this superb computer-themed card game called CPU Wars on Kickstarter. Unlike many of the doomed projects on that website, it's now a real product that you can buy. And, boy, do you need to buy it. Read More >>

Here's the Brand New AMD Processor that Could Power Your Next Laptop

You didn't think AMD was going to let Intel get all the cool new processor attention with Ivy Bridge, did you? AMD's latest and greatest is now: Trinity. It's runs fast, cool, efficiently, and packs some terrific graphical tricks. Read More >>

Intel's Ivy Bridge: The Maximum PC Review

You are, no doubt, quite familiar with Intel's CPU-release "cadence" of tick-tock by now. If not, the short story is that every tock brings a major breakthrough, while ticks are decent upgrades but nothing to Twitter home about. hat's not necessarily the case with Intel's latest tick, the Ivy Bridge CPU. Sure, the performance enhancements on the x86 side of the aisle won't exactly knock you on your tuchus, but they're still decent. The upgrades to the graphics core, however, make Ivy Bridge more noteworthy. Read More >>

iPad Test Notes: Speed (Versus Tegra 3)

Apple made some bold claims about its new A5X chip, claiming it would give a 4x graphical boost over Nvidia's Tegra 3. At the same time, the Tegra 3 is a powerhouse of computational processing. So lets put 'em to the test. Read More >>

Intel's Greatest New CPU Already Overclocked to 7 GHz

It's coming later than we'd like, but Intel's impending superchip looks like it's going to be worth the wait — especially if you're a speed addict. As in processor speed, not amphetamines. Read More >>

AMD's 8-Core Bulldozer CPU Is Here at Last

More than a year after its inception, AMD's eight-core FX CPU (codename: Bulldozer) is finally available for purchase. The £160 chip is geared towards resource heavy applications, such as HD video editing and multi-display gaming. Read More >>


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