Royal Mail Parcels Force Entry Through House Wall

A house on Brockhurst Road in Gosport has got itself a lovely new lorry-sized letterbox in one of its walls, after a Royal Mail lorry smashed into the side of it. The driver was fine and two residents were rescued from upstairs by the local fire brigade. There's no word on whether they received any interesting post today or not. [ITV] Read More >>

You Must Read This Test Pilot's Story of an SR-71 Disintegrating During Flight

This story has been around the internet for awhile, but man is it worth a read. Test pilot Bill Weaver was flying an SR-71 Blackbird on an experimental evaluation flight when a malfunction at Mach 3.18 caused the plane to literally tear apart. Yet somehow, Weaver survived. Read More >>

This Is How You Don't Overtake

Here's a completely bizarre piece of action from a Formula Two race, which sees driver Ricardo Teixeira crash over the cars ahead of him and take a large whack into the walls of the track upon landing. Read More >>

Force India Captures F1 Crash in Glowy, Extra-Worrying Thermal Vision

F1 driver Paul di Resta made a bit of a mess of things over the weekend, forgetting to slow down and whacking the car in front of him. What made this mundane F1 incident more interesting than most bumps was the way it was captured in heat-detecting thermal vision. Read More >>

Air Traffic Failure Currently Delaying Flights in and out of England

Jersey Airport managed to break news of a large problem with the UK's air traffic control systems today, with the airport notifying the country (via Facebook) that flights were suspended for around 25 minutes earlier this morning due to an air traffic control computer problem. Read More >>

MacBook Pro is the "Best" at Running... Windows

Supposedly real-world use analysis of a variety of Windows machines has declared that Apple's MacBook Pro is the best at running Microsoft's software without crashes and glitches. Which is embarrassing for everyone on numerous levels. Read More >>

Google Accidentally Remote-Nukes Chrome

Google's popular Chrome browser joined Gmail in mysteriously crashing for a spell on Monday, with the cause being some dodgy server configurations that forced the desktop browser to suddenly quit. Read More >>

Man Runs Himself Over Trying to Stop a Truck With His Foot

Brian Reynolds, a 40-year-old inhabitant of Lynn, Massachusetts, improvised a method of stopping his truck when the brakes failed. He stuck his foot out of the door and tried to stop it that way, as if he was riding a bike rather than driving a few tons of American metal. Read More >>

Watch This Bridge Destroy Dozens of Trucks and Buses

Truckers of the world! No matter how many times you try it, no matter how much you duck inside your cabin as get through it, no matter how strongly you believe the warning signs don't apply to you, your vehicle is never going to be able to survive an encounter with Durham's 11-foot 8-inch tall bridge. Read More >>

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Watch Two Planes Collide, Get Stuck Together in Mid-Air and Somehow Separate Before Landing Safely

If I was a pilot and I saw a plane headed straight toward me, I'd figure I was doomed. If I was a pilot and I saw a plane stuck to my own plane, I'd figure we were both doomed. Luckily for these two pilots in Holland, who hit each other in mid-air and then found themselves stuck to one another, they managed to pull away from each other and land safely on the beach. Amazing. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>

This 727 Was Deliberately Crashed In the Desert For a TV Show We Can't Wait To See

When a plane unfortunately crashes there's no shortage of photos and video of the wreckage, but rarely footage of the actual impact. So to appease our morbid curiosity of what really happens when a large airliner crashes, the Discovery Channel deliberately downed a 727 in the desert for an upcoming show. Read More >>

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Watch a Man Cheat Death as His Truck Plummets Off a Cliff

Jumping out of a moving vehicle just before it plummets off a cliff is standard stuff for action movies and James Dean impressionists, but actually seeing it happen in real life is breathtaking. A tow-truck driver in Norway did just that, though, when the heavy truck he was towing slipped off the icy road. Read More >>

Android Crashes Less Than iOS, Claims Internet-Baiting Report

Certain members of the internet community will be infuriated by research from app-monitoring company Crittercism, which claims Android is a more stable OS on the whole than Apple's iPhone system. Read More >>

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Christmas Tree-Decorating With a Helicopter Can Be Very Dangerous

You might worry about falling off a ladder while decorating your home with lights, but that pales in comparison to what happened to this helicopter in Auckland while installing a Christmas tree. Thankfully, the pilot walked away from the crash. Read More >>


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