Watch Two Crazy People Climb the World's Second Tallest Building

At this point, we've all seen the insane Russian dudes who dangle off of tall things. But that looks like child's play when you see these Ukrainian guys scale the second tallest building in the world. Read More >>

Considerate iPhone Thief Returns Handwritten List of Stolen Contacts

What really sucks about losing your phone—besides losing the phone—is that you also lose a whole bunch of your data. But to help ease that pain, a iPhone thief in China copied down a list of all his victim's contacts (by hand!) and returned it to its rightful owner. All 1,000 of them. Read More >>

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Here's Crazy Person John McAfee in Another Bizarre YouTube Video

I don't even know what this is. It's not as batshit insane as McAfee's guide to uninstalling McAfee Antivirus, but then, few things are. Anyways, this new video is pitched as a tell-all by McAfee, but eventually he reveals he wants you to join his School of Badass. This guy, man. Read More >>

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Watch This Guy BASE Jump Off of Everest

Earlier this month, 48-year-old Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov took a leap off of Mount Everest from an elevation of 23,687 feet, the highest ever BASE jump to date, some 60 years after Everest was first summited. Read More >>

Some People Are Crazy Desperate for the Nexus 4

After the Nexus 4 sold out in super-fast time yesterday, it's unsurprising how many versions of it swamped eBay. What is surprising, though, is the sheer amount of money some suckers are willing to put down for a phone where the main appeal is price. Read More >>

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Reinventing the Pocket Knife As a Crazy Machete

Do you carry a pocket knife? Does anyone anymore? They can be helpful if you need to open a stubborn package or if you need something for the TSA to take from you at the airport. But though they’re sometimes useful, they aren’t particular fearsome. At least,until Joerg Sprave makes one. Read More >>

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Dubai Is Now Officially the Craziest City in the World

By the powers bestowed in me by the Ministry of Silly Underpants and after carefully examining and considering the numerous photographic and videographic documents covering its many insane features, I hereby declare Dubai the craziest city in the world. [Airpano.ruThanks Karl!] Read More >>

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Watch Ken Block Race and Get Serious Air Around the Streets San Francisco Like an Absolute Lunatic

I've always wanted to race around a city's streets like a complete nutjob in a seriously fast car, just like you can in driving games like Burnout. Unfortunately that's never going to happen, but at least you can live vicariously through the insane talent that is Ken Block. Read More >>

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Terrifying Landings in 62MPH Crosswinds

Last Wednesday, a huge storm system arrived in Spain. In Bilbao, a city in the north of Spain, airplanes were forced to land under 62mph crosswinds. Some of the landings had to be aborted, like the third plane in this video. Read More >>

This is the Weirdest Thing You'll See All Day

What kind of nut-job came up with this crazy concoction of an infomercial piss-take, I have no idea. But this mind-bending, insane video is apparently an advert for the latest album by a band out of South Africa called Desmond and the Tutus. Read More >>

Five of the Craziest iPhone Cases Ever Conceived

I’ve seen some seriously useless or just plain fugly iPhone cases in my time, but none of them have been as nuts as this tidy little collection from the readers of Engineer vs Design. It held a 3D printing competition for the most absured case concepts people could come up with. There are 180 in all to browse; some awesome, some pretty dumb, but here are five of my favourites. Read More >>

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It Must Be Hard to Ride This Good With Balls This Big

We’ve seen our fair share of crazy mountain bikers, but this one is just insane. The sheer speed, crazy agility and immense skill – this guy is simply a legend. Read More >>

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I Almost Died Watching This Crazy Guy Ride His Dirt Bike on a Snowy Mountain Ridge

This guy, 87mcmahan87 on YouTube, is one ballsy son of a gun. Just watch this video. He recorded himself zooming around on his motorbike on a super skinny and snowy mountain ridge in Colorado. I almost died watching him balance, teeter and tease fate like a madman. If he slipped up, he would've come crashing down to his death. Read More >>

Are Bacteria the Answer to Life?

In some far-off world, maybe there is such thing as tiny little microbe geniuses that've figured out the secrets of life before their bigger, more top o' the food chain human-like counterparts. Maybe those microbes know we exist! Maybe they know if an orange red crayon is more orange or more red! Hell, maybe bacteria on our planet are that smart. That's what an artist wants to find out. Read More >>

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I Feel Panic Just Watching These Suicidal Mountain Bikers Go

Watch these nutters riding their mountain bikes down the the tiniest cliff path possible. If you don't get unnerved, you are probably as crazy as they are or have no self-preservation instinct whatsoever. [Stellar via Kottke] Read More >>

Watch These Construction Workers Trying to Stop a Crazy Machine

This YouTube video showing a concrete buffer going crazy is a bit slow at first. But give it some time, it soon gets hilariously absurd, with a dozen construction workers trying to stop the beast. Fortunately, there were no injuries. Except for their pride. Read More >>


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