This Nationwide Credit Card is Your 'What Recession?' Deal of the Day

Credit cards are pretty tedious things in themselves. However, its what you can do with one that matters. You could buy yourself a gold toilet! Or maybe a diamond encrusted Scream mask, or some other such perfectly sensible object of desire. Read More >>

The Credit Card Knife is Now Even More Terrifyingly Stealth

This credit card is really a knife. Just putting that out there in case it wasn't coming across already. It's a 2.2mm thick, 85.6mm x 54mm CNC machined aluminium treat. Keep it in your wallet to impress your friends and gore your enemies! Read More >>

A Zero-Per-Cent Interest Credit Card Is Your "What Credit Crunch?" Deal of the Day

Remember the glory days before the economic meltdown, when we'd all be 'card tarting'? Namely jumping from one 0 per cent credit card deal to another in order to shave down our balances faster? Read More >>

How Credit Card Numbers Are Created

If you thought the sprawl of 16 numbers across the front of your credit was randomly generated, think again: like any good string of numbers, an algorithm was involved in its creation. Read More >>

In the Shop of the Future, Buying Milk Will Be Effortless Yet Totally Creepy

Walk down pretty much any one of Britain’s High Streets, and the boarded-up shops paint their own bleak picture of an industry in recession. Managers will tell you how there’s no money left in bricks-and-mortar anymore; this is one business model well and truly disrupted. But Silicon Valley hasn’t destroyed physical retail; it’s just changing it beyond all recognition. Read More >>

One Day Your Credit Card Will Recognize Your Signature

A signature-based security approach is only effective if a cashier actually double checks what's scrawled across the back of a credit card. And even then, there's still plenty of opportunity for fraud since minimum wage clerks usually aren't capable of spotting a forged signature—but one day your credit card might be. Read More >>

Mastercard's MasterPass Turns Your Phone Into Your Own Personal Checkout Lane

MasterCard is no stranger to high-tech purchasing. Its existing US service PayPass Wallet already lets you tap your credit card on NFC terminals to buy. But the new MasterPass service takes it all to another level, letting you do things like scan barcodes and buy items with your phone, right on the spot. Read More >>

I Really Want a Credit Card with a LCD Screen and Touchscreen Keypad

You can have your black card and your credit card carved out of adamantium (just kidding, I would really like that), the only credit card I want is MasterCard's Display Card. MasterCard has been testing the card that comes with a LCD and touchscreen keypad, for some time and has now introduced it in Singapore. They say the added tech is for security: users can generate a one-time password as an authentication security measure. Read More >>

The 20 Most Common PINs Are Painfully Obvious

We already know people are really bad at picking passwords, but they're also god awful at choosing obvious, crackable credit card PINs. In fact, the most common four-digit code is not-so shockingly, 1-2-3-4. Come on, people. Read More >>

Six Brits Arrested in Global Credit Card Fraud Crackdown, Thanks to Fake Criminal Forum

24 people from 13 countries around the world have been arrested, following an investigation into the buying and selling of stolen credit card details. The UK contributed six criminals to the haul. Read More >>

More Porn-Peepers Get Card Details Stolen In Second Smut Site Hack

Following on from YouPorn’s embarrassment back in February, a fresh hack on another internet sex site, Digital Playground, has seen over 40,000 credit card details stolen along with the logins, emails and passwords of some 73,000 porn-lovers, leaving them all with their pants down and wallets empty. Read More >>

This Theft-Proof Credit Card Could Be the Future of Payment

Despite the rise in NFC payment technologies, the humble magnetic and chip-and-pin credit card is still king, and that doesn’t look to be changing soon. But the credit card is evolving and it’s gaining a screen and battery. Read More >>


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