Check Out This Creepy, Cryogenically "Cooked" Egg

Gizmodo's mad scientist Brent Rose had some super cold (minus 70 degrees Celsius) cryogenic fluid left over from an experiment making booze into cryo spheres. So he did what any mad scientist would do: cracked an egg in it! Watch the weirdness that transpires. Read More >>

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Seven Things You Do On the Internet That'd Be Creepy to Do in Real Life

You're a different person online compared to your real life. It's okay. You don't have to irrationally like cats just because you're obsessed with cat videos. You don't have to literally poke the people you poked on Facebook. You don't have to like or follow or tag or comment or stalk celebrities like you do on the Internet. Read More >>

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This is Pretty Much What Every Bloke Dreams Google Glass Could Be Like

Voice analyser? Check. Object and facial recognition on steroids? Check. Super-creepy combination that lets you tell whether a girl you're chatting up is interested in you, and then gives you hints to her innermost secrets? Of course. It's like Terminator-vision for playboys. Read More >>

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The Single Creepiest Thing You Can Do on Facebook

Always be nice, and cool. That's the motto around here. But sometimes you just want to make someone wildly uncomfortable. Or maybe you want to avoid social nightmare! Either way, here is some sacred social media advice. Heed or perish. Read More >>

This Creepy Facial Recognition System Knows How Often You Visit a Store

You might want to think twice about how often you hang out at your local PC World in the future. In Japan, NEC has developed a new facial recognition system geared towards retailers that determines the age and gender of shoppers, and tracks how long and how often they visit a given store. Read More >>

This Creepy iPhone App Finds Pictures of Your Facebook Friends in Bikinis

You know how you post pictures on Facebook? Yeah, people look at that stuff. If your privacy settings aren't expertly set, people are probably Facebook stalking your entire life through the pictures you post online. Even worse, people could be using Badabing!, an iPhone app that filters Facebook friends' pictures to reveal the pictures where they're in a bikini at a beach or a pool. It's freaking creepy. Read More >>

Siri's Grandfather Is One Creepy Old Man

Even Apple's Siri, arguably the cutting-edge of synthesised computer voices, sounds incredibly fake. To the point where you'd think that field of research has only been around for about 10 years. But shockingly it dates back to the 1930s—80+ years ago! Read More >>

Japanese Robot Skitters Around With Insane Robo-Tentacles

When it comes to robo-locomotion, you've got your wheels, your treads, your jointed legs. Now, you can add whip-like mechanical tentacles to the list, and they're way more effective—and freaky—than you might think. Read More >>

Look Who's Stalking: The 10 Creepiest Apps For Phones, Facebook, More

To one degree or another, everyone's been an internet stalker at some point. But some apps and services make it crazy, crazy easy to exceptionally creepy. Our friends at Laptop Mag rounded up the shadiest—you know, for reference. Read More >>

Warning: This Creepy Unskinned Animatronic Baby Cannot Be Unseen

After watching this animatronic robotic infant writhe around on the floor with no skin hiding its internal components, I bet you'll appreciate those awkward Uncanny Valley CG characters seen in films like The Polar Express. Read More >>

Don't You Dare Open This Animatronic Axe Murderer Door...

Sure, the axe murderer presented in this door prop is about as lazy as they come, but you have to admit the attention to detail with this animatronic door prop is pretty intense. Read More >>


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