This Company Will Blast Your Ashes Out Into Space

Forget a 12 gun salute or a burial at sea; the only way to send your loved ones off into the afterlife is to blast them out beyond the confines of our atmosphere, into the never-ending expanse of space. Read More >>

Your Dead Relative's Metal Parts Are Being Tuned Into Road Signs

It's time to cremate grandma. But what's to come of the perfectly usable metal hip replacement she leaves behind? For the residents of several English cities, the answer lies in public signage. Read More >>

An Urn Shaped Like Your Head Is the Creepiest Way to Spend Eternity

Some people spend their lives accomplishing great things so that when they die they're never forgotten. But the rest of us now have a more couch potato-compatible solution. A company called Cremation Solutions will create an urn that looks like your severed head, so your family and friends will never forget you as long as it's prominently displayed after your passing. Read More >>

What Happens to Medical Implants When Their Owners Are Cremated

Medical advances mean that many us aren't just made up of bone and flesh these days: artificial knees, titanium plates and pacemakers make their way into human bodies across the world every day. But what happens to them when their owners are cremated? Read More >>


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