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By Brian Barrett on at

Bad Apple Store Genius Stole Over £12,000's Worth of iPhones

The Apple Store in Charlotte's Northlake Mall is presumably like any other: clean, crisp, tidy. But underneath the pristine veneer, an unidentified employee spent nearly six weeks this winter stealing iPhone after iPhone from the Genius Room. Twenty-five handsets, to be precise, worth more than £12,700 retail. Steal different!

By Sam Gibbs on at

Olympus Scandal Results In Top Executive Death

The long running Olympus corruption scandal that saw ties with the mob, hiding loses and executives leaving left and right has taken another sad turn with the apparent suicide of one of its top executives, Tsutomi Omori in New Delhi.


Gordon Ramsay Sparks Potato Peeler-Panic In Brixton Prison

By Sam Gibbs on at

Gordon Ramsay recently caused a serious spud-related security scare over at Brixton Prison where he’s teaching inmates how to cook for a new show. His production team set off a prison wide search after it appeared a potato peeler was missing and potentially in the lethal hands of those at her Majesty’s pleasure.

Notes From the Front Line: Babies Don't Bounce

By Matt Delito on at

The Corsa was ambling along the thinly trafficked road, and the four cars between us and the Corsa all pulled over to let us pass. When there was only one car left between us, I turned off the flashing cavalcade of LED-disco on the roof, following our little Corsa from two cars behind.

Notes From the Frontline: the iPad Thief

By Matt Delito on at

"What the fuuuuuuuuu...", Simon wails, as his torch is spinning away into the darkness, creating a rapidly changing, ghoulish shadow-play on the walls, as the light from his torch is blocked by all sorts of rubbish on the floor.