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Watch This Surreal Zombie Crime Video Made By LAPD

The big problem in northeast LA right now is that people keep leaving their car doors unlocked at night and stuff is getting stolen. LAPD's solution? A seven minute DIY zombie movie. Perfect. Read More >>

Man Steals Entire Road and Escapes in Three Lorries

A Russian man has been arrested for theft after he was apprehended trying to steal a... a... road. The road used to link the village of Parcheg with the Vychegda River, before the bloke lifted the 82 concrete slabs that made it and disappeared off with them. Read More >>

Post Office Computer Bugs May Have Wrongly Sent Staff to Prison

The Post Office's computer systems have been found to be a little buggy, which won't be much compensation to the 100+ sub-postmasters who've been accused of defrauding the PO and prosecuted for lying in their books. Read More >>

Hacker Taunts Police With Message Taped to a Cat

A hacker wanted in Japan for various crimes against computers has been amusing himself playing games with the local police, culminating in a bizarre stunt where he attached a memory card to a cat's collar. Read More >>

Man Jailed for Paying Facebook User to Take His Driving Penalty Points

A man's clever scheme to avoid adding more penalty points on his driving license ended in a jail term, after he advertised for a stranger to take a speeding ticket on his behalf through Facebook. Read More >>

Leeds Bad Boys Given Nine Month Suspended Sentences for Usenet Copyright Crimes

A couple of men from Leeds are the latest victims of the UK's ongoing crackdown on copyright infringement, with the pair given nine-month sentences for running illegal TV and movie streaming sites. Read More >>

Five More Internet Users Charged With Naming Rape Victim

The crackdown on offhand comments and random vigilante action on Twitter is gaining momentum, with authorities charging a further five people with offences after they posted the name of the woman raped by footballer Ched Evans. Read More >>

Pardon Alan Turing Petition Open for Your Consideration

If you have a passing interest in the life of Alan Turing and the great innovations he was responsible for, there's some small way you can help -- signing a petition to have him pardoned of his "crime." Read More >>

UK Government "Ramping Up Cyber Defences" to Stem Digital Attacks

Foreign Secretary William Hague has spoken out on the digital threats facing the UK, claiming the government is "trying to prevent an arms race in cyber space" by upping its spending on preventing digital attacks. Read More >>


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