Who Needs Towels When You Can Just Stand on a Full Body Air Dryer?

If you've yet to find a bathroom towel large enough to suitably dry you after a shower, the solution could be as simple as standing on this unique bathroom accessory for about half-a-minute. It looks like a weigh scale, but it's actually a dryer that blasts you with warm air to quickly and thoroughly dry you without the need for a towel. Read More >>

A Drum Machine in a Guitar Pedal is a Genius Idea

For guitar players, percussion options are limited. You either hire a drummer or deal with a load of extra gear to replace a drummer. Which is why Beat Buddy, despite its unfortunate name, is certainly intriguing. It could be the simple hands-free drum machine guitar players have been waiting for. Read More >>

Kickstarter UK's Launching on October 31st For All Your Crazy Ideas

Do you love the various ingenious projects and ideas that crop up on Kickstarter? Wish there was a UK version? The wait is nearly over. Come October 31st we'll have a Kickstarter to call our own, well, sort of. Read More >>

New NSFW Crowdfunding Platform Offbeatr Gives Your Naughty Projects a Place to Grow

Any jerkoff of with a smartphone and a scantily-clad cast can shoot a porno, these days. Just ask every celebrity alive. But there's a clear difference between smartphone smut and a serious, money-backed project of the NSFW variety. Read More >>

Kickstarter Will Be Kickstarting In the UK This Autumn

US crowd-funding super-site Kickstarter is set to join our sometimes-sunny shores and open up to British-based innovators and entrepreneurs this autumn. Read More >>

A Kickstarter for Porn? Sure, why not!

Let's just put this in the clearest possible terms: THERE'S A KICKSTARTER FOR PORN. Read More >>


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