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Oh My Word, These Next-Gen Graphics Almost Look Better Than the Real Thing

This is it folks. We've hit the uncanny valley and totally careered across it. This amazing demo of the next iteration of the CryEngine from the Crysis folks shows that next-gen graphics are going to look so good, so realistic, that they might even be better than the real thing. Read More >>

Play Crysis 3 For Absolutely Free Right Now On PC, Xbox or PS3

Crysis 3 won't be released for a couple of weeks, but if you're itching to play Crytek's latest hardware-melting FPS, you can, legally, right now. Here's how. Read More >>

This Incredible-Looking Crysis 3 Trailer Shows Crytek's Back to Its Computer-Melting Ways

There aren’t many more demanding games to test the brute force of a new system than Crysis. Even when the first in the series was released, it melted PCs left, right and centre. Judging by just how good the new Crysis 3 trailer looks, it seems Crytek is back to its old computer-destroying game. Read More >>


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