First Satellite Built by Secondary School Kids Is Heading to Space Tonight

Your coolest secondary school science project probably involved some baking soda and a paper mâché volcano, right? A little chemical reaction and a big mess? Well, kids these days are smarter than you. They're building satellites and sending them to space. Read More >>

Tiny Satellite Antennas Are the Coolest Party Balloons You Never Had

There's a small army of adorable, little, (sometimes) phone-powered satellites out in space, circling the globe. And while they're damn impressive for their size, they face some challenges. They don't have much room for antennas, for instance. But MIT's new inflatable balloon antennas should change all that. Read More >>

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The World's Most Adorable Satellites Can Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

You don't need to be big to be impressive. This trio of tiny cubesats launched from the International Space Station yesterday, and looked totally badass floating out in the infinite ether. Read More >>

NASA's Tiny Cubic Satellites Will Have Android Phones for Brains

On the surface of Earth, smartphones play a big part in our every day life. As it turns out, there's a lot they can do in orbit as well. That's why NASA has been developing tiny satellites that have Android phones for brains. Read More >>

Penny-Sized Ion Thrusters Could Steer the Satellites Of the Future

Rockets might be fiery fun, but they're big, bulky, and heavy. Ion thrusters, sci-fi as they sound, are real and these penny-sized ones are probably the future of steering small satellites in orbit. Read More >>


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