Cupcake-Filled Sausages Are Beyond Gross

Gizmodo salutes culinary daring—the egg waffle is still one of the great breakthroughs of our time. But pizza in a jar? Not pizza. And meat sausages filled instead with chocolate and grilled crispy? Disgusting. Read More >>

The 24-Hour Cupcake ATM Is Coming to the UK For All Your Midnight Sugar-Binge Needs

Cupcakes are the food of gods; delicious, perfectly formed, and ideal for a spot of lunch, coffee or sugar-binge snacking. But how can you get your fresh cupcakes at 1AM in the morning after a night out? How about a 24-hour fresh cupcake ATM? Read More >>

This Awesome Periodic Table of Cupcakes Gives Me a Hunger For Chemistry

Ah the humble cupcake; it’s just so versatile. There’s nothing it can’t improve, even the learning science, as this delicious collection of 117 tasty treats laid out in a periodic table shows. Read More >>


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