You Guys, Google Is Just So Freaking Cute

If you hadn't noticed, yesterday was a pretty big day for Google. The Google Maps app came out and completely dominated Apple Maps and to celebrate, Google—as only Google can—had its YouTube, Google Earth and Gmail Team poke fun of Google Maps over Twitter. It's good natured nerd humour that's just sooooo adorable. Aww... look at them so APPy together. [@GoogleMaps via 9to5Mac] Read More >>

This Whisk Should Be Standard Issue For An Astronaut's Kitchen

This adorably clever 'Whisked Off' kitchen utensil is the perfect accessory for any chef who grew up dreaming about exploring the cosmos, but eventually settled for a life spent creating out-of-this-world gastronomical treats here on Earth. Read More >>

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Is This Impossibly Cute Cat Real?

I watched this amazingly cute cat doing amazingly cute things, but part of me thinks it might not be real. I mean, it looks real, but it's so perfectly cute that it must be computer generated. You know, like Puss in Boots! Read More >>

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The Most Adorable Internet Easter Video

It's Easter, so you've probably got a day of egg hunts and bunnies and pies that don't really make sense. But take a moment to soak in this UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE video that basically distills the essence of Easter down to its core: cute bunnies, chicks, and puppies for no gosh darn reason at all. Enjoy! [YouTube] Read More >>

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Watching a Fish Chase a Laser Is Cuter Than Any Cat Video

Fish. What are they good for? Sushi. Swimming around. Making you clean their tanks. Breathing underwater. Looking weird. And that's it. Well, add being cute as doted puppy fur as another. Read More >>

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Watch a Cute Dog Mess Up Some Uncreative Dude's Marriage Proposal

Some Basic Guidelines for Marriage Proposals: Probably don't wear a dorky blue baseball cap. Definitely don't wear a red backpack. Definitely definitely don't wear denim-on-denim. Maybe don't propose somewhere you'd be equally likely to kill someone and bury them. Read More >>


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