No 3D Glasses Required to Enjoy This 80,000 Piece LEGO The Hobbit Wonderland

Splitting the 300-page childrens fantasy tale The Hobbit into three, three-hour-long silver-screen episodes sounds a bit like a futile endeavor, borne out in part by the lukewarm reception given to the first chapter in the trilogy. An 80,000 piece LEGO version of one of the book's most intricate locations however? Now that's precious. Read More >>

The Lego Back to the Future Set Is Now OFFICIAL!

It's official, people. We won! The Lego Back to the Future—one of the Holy Grails of Lego—is going to be an official set! The fans have spoken and Lego has approved it. They are going to produce it for everyone to buy it! Yes, i'm so excited. Read More >>

Lego Spiderman Action Figure Is Pretty Goddamn Bloody Awesome

Like the Lego Batman action figure, this Lego Spidey is pretty damn amazing. Created by our friend Michael McCooey — hire this dude, Lego — it's fully posable down to the most extreme and typical Peter Parker positions, including hanging upside down. Here are all the features: Read More >>

Nerdgasm: The Official Lego Back to the Future Set Is Almost Here!

Rejoice, my lovely fellow nerds, because one of the Holy Grails of Lego is about to become a reality! The Lego Back to the Future set—the one you are looking at right here—may happen soon. Read More >>

Official Lego Minecraft Is Happening!

It's happening! One of my favorite Lego projects ever is coming to life: Lego Minecraft! Read More >>


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