This Hearing Aid Connects to an iPhone and Adapts to Your Surroundings

For centuries, humans have been using technology to make up for their shortcomings. People missing limbs got prosthetics. People with weak hearts got pacemakers. But, at a certain point, becoming a cyborg is less like fixing something broken than it is like gaining new powers. Read More >>

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Teenager 3D Prints Prosthetic Hand for Adorable Nine Year Old in Need

An enterprising 16 year old in Kansas recently 3D printed at prosthetic hand for his nine year old family friend, giving the young tyke the use of fingers for the first time in his life. And he did it all at the local county library. Read More >>

In the Future, Wars Will Be Fought with Lasers and Robots

If you take a step back and really think about it, we're living in a pretty futuristic age. People are flying around on jetpacks. Everybody's carrying around pocket computers. We go to space all the time. Pretty futuristic! Not everyone is so convinced, though. Read More >>

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Wait a Minute, Are We Already Cyborgs?

If you think about how connected we are — smartphones in our pocket, computers on our laps, internet at our fingertips — it might be reasonable to assume that we kind of, sort of already are cyborgs. Can you imagine if someone in the past saw a person wearing Google Glass today? He'd totally believe that person was half-robot. Read More >>

Scary-Sounding Mind-Controlled Drones Actually Aim to Do Good

There's something uncanny about drones, those autonomous aeroplanes that kill insurgents and civilians — but mostly civilians. But drones aren't all bad. Outside of warzones, drones have been helping everyone from farmers to journalists and now they're helping doctors too. Read More >>

DARPA's Crazy Mind-Controlled Prosthetics Have Gotten Even Better

We've known for a few years now that DARPA-funded prosthetics research is yielding some pretty incredible technology. We're not talking incredible in the robotic cheetah sense. We're talking incredible in The Incredibles sense of the term. Specifically, DARPA is literally building superheroic technology that enables amputees to control prosthetic limbs with their minds, and it's getting pretty darn good. Read More >>

Canadian Cyborg Afraid Google's Glass Design Might Be Wack

Google's been pushing its Project Glass hard lately, with Sergey Brin wearing a pair everywhere, and going so far as to call smartphones "emasculating." The space-age specs do seem pretty cool, but everyone's favourite Canadian cyborg Steve Mann told IEEE Specturm that he's concerned about its design. And he would know. Read More >>

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Meet the Roachbot, the Remote-Control Cyborg Cockroach

Why bother struggling to make mini robots, when the incredible, near-indestructible cockroach is already an amazing machine? Just slap a chip on the back and you've got yourself a remote-control bug, simple. Read More >>

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Bionic Eyes Are Totally a Thing Come 2013

The Google Glasses may be the big news in optics, but the real tech to watch might be the Australian cyber-eye that's set to begin clinical trials next year. Read More >>

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If We Ever Become Superhuman Cyborgs, This Is How It'll Happen

Neural implants and biologically altered humans are the stuff of science fiction, but we're teetering on the precipice of the promise of what lies just beyond our current scientific prowess. What's going to happen when we make the first inroads to improving human function and intelligence through technological implants? When we're all bionic men? Read More >>

Vampiric Implants Turn Snails Into Tiny Recon Scouts

The idea of using insects and other small creatures as data-gathering devices has always been hampered by the need for short-lived external batteries. But what if you used the animal's own metabolism to continuously power their sensors? Read More >>

Now This Is How You Express Your Mac Love

And you call yourself an Apple fanboi? Dressing up like a mutton-chopped Steve jobs (true to life!) while your buddy tromps about in a cyborg suit comprised of vintage mac parts—that's showing your fandom. Read More >>

Scientists Have Wired a Cockroach, Matrix-Style

Cripes, why don't we just hand the planet over to the robots already? Things were bad with the self-controlling war machines and computers capable of destroying our greatest trivia minds, but now we've invented biological electricity harvesters. Might as well build a fleet of Squids while we're at it. Read More >>

Scientists Create Cyborg Rats to Combat Brain Damage

Strokes and Parkinson's Disease can cause irreparable damage to your grey matter. However, one controversial experiment aims to replace the function of those damaged areas with neural microchips. Read More >>


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