Garmin's Edge 1000 May Be the Smartest Bike Computer Yet

While the phones in our pockets have been getting smarter and smarter at an alarming rate, bike computers (despite having the word "computer" right in their name) have been lagging way behind. But as sensors, radios, and chips have shrunk smaller and smaller, we've seen more and more intelligence come to the handlebars. The new Edge 1000 from Garmin is trying to pack the most in. Read More >>

You Can't Steer a Bike in Zero Gravity, Even if the Road's Magnetic

Gravity is the sworn enemy of any cyclist. Succumb to its force while you're on two wheels, and you'll end up bloody and bruised. But like any superhero's nemesis, gravity justifies a bike's very existence, because without it, you'd never be able to steer. Strap on a helmet, this is gonna get weird. Read More >>

This Clever Lift Assists Cyclists Up Steep City Hills

This one goes out to all the city cyclists who have pulled up to the bottom of a steepl hill with three words echoing through their head: Oh. Hell. No. The Norwegian city of Trondheim built a special bike-lift that gives users a free ride, no pedalling required. Read More >>

Kingston, Enfield and Waltham Forest to Become "Mini-Holland" Cycling Havens

Amsterdam, without the canals, windmills, joints and hookers. That's (sort of) Boris Johnson's £100 million vision for London's suburbs, as the Mayor looks to make the outlying areas of the capital more cyclist-friendly. Read More >>

City Cycling: Health Versus Hazard

Are the fitness benefits of riding your bike worth the risk of an accident? Lesley Evans Ogden takes a tour of seven cities on two wheels to find out. Read More >>

Segregated Cycle Tracks Coming to London's Worst Junctions in £300m Upgrade

The London Mayor has announced a plan to radically rework some of the most dangerous junctions in London, with 33 of the deadliest cycling spots set to benefit from full bike-friendly redesigns. Bow roundabout, Marble Arch and Blackfriars are some of the most hellish cycle spots on the rebuild list. Read More >>

A Viagra-Less Seven Week Erection Was Caused by a "Hard Bike Crash"

A man has been treated for a painfully-potent erection which lasted seven weeks after being inflicted by a mountain bike crash. Read More >>

Met Police Issued 14,000 Fines to Cyclists and Drivers in Eight Weeks

In an operation that lasted two months, London Metropolitan Police swarmed the capital in an attempt to increase safety on the roads, handing out over 14,000 fixed penalty notices in the process to those on both two wheel and four. Read More >>

A Bicycle With a Flat Frame is an Impractical Masterpiece

With a flowing metal frame, wooden handlebars and seat post, and proprietary headset, this bicycle puts form on a par with function. It might not be the most practical ride, but it's certainly one of the most stunning. Read More >>

Can Radar and RFID Stop Drivers From Killing Cyclists?

Last month, London reached a grim milestone: Six cyclists were killed within 14 days, sparking a massive "die-in" protest. London isn't alone; 176 cyclists or pedestrians were killed in NYC last year. The rapidly rising death toll is spurring a race to build a technology to warn drivers before they hit someone on foot or bike. Read More >>

Government Invests £30,000 in Cycling Charity's Pothole Location App

The Department for Transport has given cycling charity Cyclists' Touring Club a £30k Christmas bonus, allowing the bike enthusiasts to extend and develop a smartphone app that tells councils where the largest and most dangerous potholes are on our dilapidated streets and roads. Read More >>

Watch Three Pals Cycle a Boris Bike Up a French Mountain and Return it in the Nick of Time

Mount Ventoux is considered one of the toughest cycling routes in the world, having claimed the lives of veteran cyclists and all-but destroying those who've somehow managed to scale it. So attempting it on the back of a weighty Boris bike with the added stipulation of cycling back to London before the rental timer runs out sounds like suicide. Read More >>

Swimming With Buses and Soaring With the Ducks: Commuting by Bike

I guess it all began many years ago, on a big blue tricycle, speeding down the street where I grew up. Of course, you're more stable with three wheels, but still, at that pace, only one thing can happen when you hit the bend at the bottom of the hill. Over I went, screaming for my mother, and of course I had the biggest scab in the world to show to my streetmates the next day. Read More >>

Royal Mail Posties Won't Deliver by Bike After 2014

The chunky red Pashley Mailstar bicycle used by posties in some of the flatter parts of the country are about to disappear, with the Royal Mail set to remove the remaining 3,000 or so still in use around the UK from service next year. Read More >>

Cyclists Organise 'Die-In' to Protest Traffic Deaths

Following the recent spate of London cycling accidents and associated political hand-wringing, a thousand of London's cyclists found a novel way to block traffic: a 'die-in' that involved a thousand cyclists lying down in solidarity outside TfL HQ. Read More >>

London Police Aim to Counteract Cycling Deaths With 2,500 Extra Officers at Key Junctions

London's police force has come up with (another) plan to help calm the fury surrounding the recent spate of tragic cyclist deaths in the city, by pledging to stick around 2,500 extra bobbies at critical danger junctions. Read More >>


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