Government Bigs-Up Digital Radio, But Still Won't Commit to Making a Switch

Culture and Communications Minister Ed Vaizey has reaffirmed the government's belief that DAB radio is the future, but with analogue sets still happily banging out the hits via the FM spectrum he's not ready to be so bold as to set a switchover schedule for shoving us onto digital. Read More >>

FM Radio Back in the Headlines With Radio Stalker; Digital Switchover Delay, and Space Junk Tracking

Good old radio is setting the news agenda today, led by the case of a trucker who tried to escape a restraining order by making bizarre song requests to Smooth FM DJs. Read More >>

An Xbox Essentials Pack and a Bunch of Cheap Games Are Your Post-Christmas-Cheer-Up Deals of the Day

We've got an Xbox-flavoured round-up for you today, with a couple of offers that will elevate your gaming experience from humdrum to, erm, super-unhumdrum. Or something. Read More >>

A Bunch of Cheap Blu-Rays Are Your "Sod the Olympics, I Want to Watch a Film" Deal of the Day

Remember when Blu-rays first came out? Each film would set you back £199.99 and because the early technology was so shaky, the disc would disintegrate as soon as the movie would end, creating a cloud of dust that would instigate a severe choking fit. Read More >>

WARNING: Massive Flood of Patriotic Rubbish Incoming

We have here a couple of DAB radios. One is a new offering from Philips, which probably works perfectly well and looks like a useful little thing for £49.99. Another is the Evoke from Pure, which just like the Philips, is probably a darling little machine that just wants to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style alongside its hefty £149.99 price tag. Just a shame that both have been ruined by having flags stuck on the front (and backside) of each radio. Read More >>

Pure Launches the Highway 300Di For Your On-the-Road DAB Fix

Pure's unleashed another entry into the in-car after-market DAB add-on space with their new Highway 300Di. Featuring iPod control and charge, and a fancy OLED-equipped removable controller unit the 300Di adds DAB to your ride without drilling holes. Read More >>

Minister: DAB Radio Complaints Are Fair, But We're Still Going Digital

The UK's culture minister Ed Vaizey has confirmed what most of us already know -- DAB radio isn't great and many radio fans are happy with the old analogue system, thanks. Read More >>


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