A Genius Dad Made a Flying Quadrocopter to Walk His Kid to the Bus Stop

A genius dad invented something to make dad life easier: a flying, camera-equipped quadrocopter that could follow his kids to the school bus stop. That’s right, a personal drone for his kids. Genius, I say. Genius! Read More >>

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Sending Your Son's Favourite Toy Train to Space Is Probably the Coolest Thing a Dad Can Do

We've got a dad of the year nominee, folks! Meet Ron Fugelseth, a guy who gave his son's favourite train, Stanley, a trip to space. We've seen stuff hit space before but nothing has been as touching and aww-inducing as this. Read More >>

Dad of the Year Builds Super-Sketchy Rollercoaster For His Daughter

While many kids would dream of having their own rollercoaster in their back-garden, erm, I think this one borders on both the amazing and the downright dangerous. I admit, I wish my dad had built me a rollercoaster back in the day, but as this one is just made of flimsy PVC pipe, lumber, and a bit of concrete, stretching up to 3.7m high, it looks like a death trap, to be sure. Read More >>


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