What Was Your Favourite Dalek Moment in Dr Who?

Over the weekend, we received the tragic news that Ray Cusick, the original designer of Dr Who's Dalek arch-enemies, and small-child-terrifyer In Chief, passed away, nearly fifty years after the armour-clad mutants first made all of Britain's kiddies poo themselves. Read More >>

A Kids Ride-In Dalek Is Your Exterminate! Exterminate! Deal of the Day

There’s a few bargains mooching about today of varying shapes, sizes and levels of quality, but we can’t get past this one. The problem is that you’ll only get maximum benefit out of it if you’re between 3-6 years of age, or a dwarf. Read More >>

This Lego-Crazy Family Builds a Different 100,000-Brick Model Every Christmas

This is the Addis family and their 100,000-brick Lego Christmas-themed Dalek—Dr. Who's enemy cyborgs. Every December, the Addis—Mike, Catherine and their three children, Tom, Holly and Christopher—spend hours creating something massive out of bricks. Read More >>


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