Inflatable Mattress Explosion Trashes Man's House

A German man treated himself to an inflatable mattress upon moving into a new house, only to discover his advanced new sleeping solution had a puncture. He then bought one of those spay aerosol things that supposedly fix leaks, but the spray somehow triggered a blast that caused around £130,000 worth of damage to his home. Read More >>

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How To Rescue Wet Gadgets

So you did it. Or maybe you did it again. Dropped your favorite gadget in a sink or a toilet. Or you spilled an entire 40oz on it. Oops. That doesn't mean you can't save it though. Here are a few tips that might just bring it back to life. Read More >>

Does Your New iPhone 5 Scratch Easily?

So, you've got the new iPhone. You've been downloading apps all weekend. It's a joy to use. But... we're hearing some reports that suggest the latest iPhone picks up scratches faster than data flows through its new Lightning connector. Read More >>

How To Land a Plane That's Missing Half a Wing

It's time to talk about the second letter in NASA: Aeronautics. Yes, NASA does mind-blowing things in outer space, but they also want you to get to your family reunion in one piece. NASA is making planes smarter. Smart enough to be flyable even when they're falling apart. Read More >>

Here's A Map Showing The Devastating Power Of The Japanese Tsunami

Japanese researchers have spent the past few months surveying Tsunami damage at 5,300 coastal locations. This information has created the largest Tsunami survey dataset in the world and the first map to visualize the crushing impact of the wave. Read More >>


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