These Mesmerising Photos Capture Dynamic Ballet Dancers in Midair

Ballet dancers have an uncanny ability to give gravity the finger while effortlessly doing things with their limbs that normal folks will literally *never* be able to manage. Often their manoeuvres are too quick to catch with the naked eye, but Jesus Chapa-Malacara has managed a sweet way to show every step from start to finish. Read More >>

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When Doing the Robot Just Isn't Enough: Robot Wins Dance Competition Gangnam-Style

The rise of the machines took another sauntering step this weekend when a robot won a Chinese dance competition imitating the South Korean pop sensation, PSY. Read More >>

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Dances With Nerds: Science Described Through the Medium of Interpretive Dance

When you simply dont understand your own PhD thesis anymore, a little interpretive dance can really help to clear things up. And if you're as creative as Peter Liddicoat from the University of Sydney, you stand to win a bonus cash prize and the respect of, errr, your peers. Read More >>


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