Science Determines Which Dance Moves Will Help You Impress the Ladies

There's one thing that has been universally regarded as a woman-pleaser throughout history. Minds out of the gutter please, I'm talking about dancing. It turns out sciencey people have done extensive research into the topic, and have discovered which dance moves men can pull off to maximise the number of impressed females in the vicinity. Read More >>

Watch This Chain of Beads Dash Across the Room All On Its Own

When you put chains and physics together, you get results that are borderline magic, and this experiment from MIT proves it. No, this chain doesn't seem to float in mid-air, but it does walk across the room. Read More >>

Uniformed Police Spotted Dancing Suspiciously at Notting Hill Carnival

Three policemen were filmed acting highly unusually at the Notting Hill Carnival over the weekend, with the coppers making high-visibility spectacles of themselves by dancing for the amusement of a baying crowd. Read More >>

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Watch This Robot Dance Gangnam Style

Though this CHARLI-2 Robot doesn't do the sexy legs of PSY quite as well, it can pretty much do every other move of PSY's hit Gangnam Style. The horse riding, the little lasso twirl, the crowd pumping, it's hilarious. Watch it. Read More >>

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Watch This: Robots Dancing With Light Sabers

At times, these robots look like tiny, technically-skilled children. Don't they? [Reddit] Read More >>

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The Horror of the Kinect Star Wars Dancing Game Shows There's No Bounds to Where Lucas Will Go

We’ve got to contend with the childhood memory-murdering sight of Yoda selling his soul to Vodafone here in Britain, but this new dancing game within Star Wars Kinect takes Star Wars abuse to a whole new level. It’s so absurd it’s almost funny. Read More >>

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China Rings in the New Year With a Robot Dance Party

When Chinese audiences tuned in to Big-Show the other night to celebrate the start of the Year of the Dragon, they were treated to this 14-member all-robot dance troupe. Why yes, they are dancing to a remix of the Tetris theme. [Technabob] Read More >>

They Wouldn't Let Me Sit on the Car-Sized iPod Dock So I Danced with Their Booth Babes

When you encounter something as absurd as an iPod dock the size of a pony, what else is there to do but climb on it? Sadly, the fellows at Behringer's CES booth said no. So I danced, danced, danced. Read More >>

Asimo Gets Down and Boogies With Kinect

Using Microsoft's infinitely hackable Kinect 3D sensor, the crazy cats at Honda's Research Institute in California have been teaching ol' Asimo new tricks, including the ability to bust-a-groove courtesy of real-time motion mimicking. Read More >>


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