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Holy Batman! The New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Out and It's Amazing!

People, stop whatever you are doing right now and watch this: the new Dark Knight Rises trailer. This movie is going to be dark, painful and glorious. And look at that Batmobile which is actually a Batomfgitfliestoo thing. Read More >>

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These New Dark Knight Rises Shots Show Prometheus Is Going to Have Some Stiff Competition This Summer

As much as I think Prometheus is going to take the summer blockbuster crown this year, there’s still a few fantastic looking movies incoming that could take it down a peg or two. Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Rises is certainly one of them, and if these shots are anything to go by, it’ll be just as epic as the previous two Batman-reboot outings. Read More >>

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The Awesome Dark Knight Rises Trailer Is Even Better in Lego

The Dark Knight Rises is due to be released in the UK on July 20th this year, and if the previous Nolan films and trailers are anything to go by it’s going to be epic. Then again, everything is made better by Lego and watching this stop-motion trailer makes me long for a proper Nolan-esque Lego Batman. Read More >>

Limited Edition Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 800 Caught in the Flesh

Nokia's doing a limited release of a special Dark Knight Rises edition of the Lumia 800. There are only 40 being made with the laser etched logo on the back, so unfortunately you're not going to be able to trot down to your local Phones 4U to pick one up. But the eagle-eyed Jon Choo managed to sneak a few shots ahead of the Batman preview in London today. Read More >>


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