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How the Batman Logo Has Changed in the Last 72 Years

Since 1940, Batman's been haunting the streets of Gotham, busting perps in ways only he can manage, but his logo, well that's changed quite a bit over the years. From the classic oval-shaped Batman Returns, to the pointy, sharp-looking Dark Knight, complete with lethal ninja death stars, here's the evolution of the iconic bat. Read More >>

A Kindle Fire For £99 Is Your "Blimey, That's Bloody Cheap!" Deal of the Day

Woah! There's a Fire going on over here today! We're not just referring to the price being so hot that it's causing a fire, but that the item in question is CALLED a Fire as well? Have we just blown your minds or WHAT? Read More >>

Mind-Blowing Lego Tumbler Looks as Detailed As the Real Batmobile

Legendary Lego builder Paweł "Sariel" Kmiec is back with a remote control Technic Tumbler that will have Dark Knight fans begging the company to turn it into a real set. If crime has become an issue in your minifig town, justice has arrived. Read More >>

A Handy Santa Costume Is Your Scare-the-Crap-Out-of-Your-Friends-With-Zombie-Santa Deal of the Day

In case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is coming soon, and you might find yourself compelled to impersonate the Yuletide gaffer himself, Santa Claus. Read More >>

How Much Would It Cost to Actually Be Batman?

We all know that Bruce Wayne is seriously loaded; loaded to the tune of some £4.4 billion in fact. But as Batman, Wayne chews through money like nobody's business. Here's a quick breakdown of how much it'd cost to actually be Batman. Read More >>

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Batman's Dramatic Evolution Over 70 Years on Our Screens

With the Dark Knight Rises almost upon us, let's look back at how Batman's changed over the last 70+ years. He's gone from being a campy animated hero, to the equally campy lycra-clad Batman of the 1960s; then through the terribly cheesy Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney-era, to the growling Dark Knight we know and love today. That's quite an evolution over the years.  Read More >>

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Here's Some More New Dark Knight Rises Footage and Something Batman to Play With

We're finally in July, which means there's less than 18 days to go till we get to gorge ourselves on the latest Batman outing from Christopher Nolan. The Dark Knight Rises hype machine is in full swing with more unseen footage and a stab at a viral site. Read More >>

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A Batman-Themed Lumia 900 Will Turn Things Around for Windows Phone, Won't it?

A bizarre limited edition version of the amazing Lumia 900 is available for pre-order in the UK, which sees the high-end Nokia Windows Phone model appear with a Batman logo on the back and a pile of "content" from the film pre-loaded inside. Read More >>

These Dark Knight Brake Light Decals Will Only Summon the Cops

They've been around for at least a year now, and all my research points to obscuring your brake lights as being very illegal. But I don't care. This is the closest my hatchback will ever get to being the batmobile. Read More >>


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