Playing Darts Is So Much Easier With a Slingshot Sniper Rifle

Not satisfied with the dart-launching pistol he whipped up last year, Joerg Sprave went back to the drawing board and came up with a dart-shooting sniper rifle that all but guarantees him domination at his local pub's dartboard. Read More >>

Send Some Dangerous Airmail With These Weaponised Paper Planes

We've all done our fair share of chucking paper aeroplanes at friends. And maybe, if you're a real engineer, you've made some clever, paper-folding modifications that let your plane do a loop — or better yet actually land on target. Joerg Sparve has turned his eye towards those paper aircraft, and needless to say, the outcome can do damage. Read More >>

This Insane Nerf Blaster Can Fire Off 144 Darts in Under 30 Seconds

Billed as the highest capacity Nerf gun ever created, the new N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster can hold eight eighteen shot clips, putting 144 darts at your disposal between reloads. And with a firing capacity of up to six shots per second, you've just guaranteed yourself office supremacy. Read More >>

Should Darts be an Olympic Sport?

Danny Boyle's opening ceremony was a brilliant mess of unabashedly bonkers Britishness, but all this national character suddenly feels lacking when watching the sports on offer. You could argue that none of the events in London 2012 have a true British vibe, because every great Olympic sport we invented, we promptly exported and forgot how to play. Read More >>

Dart-Launching Pistol Guarantees a Bullseye Every Time

Most of Joerg Sprave's insane slingshot-based weapon designs never really have a practical application outside of wanton destruction, or making life really unpleasant for trespassers. But his latest creation—this dart-launching pistol—could vastly improve your game the next time you're at the pub. Read More >>

If You Suck at Darts, Here's Some Maths to Help You Out

If you're anything like me, you play darts rarely. And when you do, you're drunk. Ignoring the fact that that's a dangerous combination, here's how to try and maximise your chance of winning, ineptitude aside. Read More >>

How to Make an Office Dartboard That Won't Destroy the Walls

Darts are awesome, but they're tricky to set up at work. Real darts aren't super safe and leave walls full of holes, and safety darts suck hard. Mark Rober has got a solution that's simple, elegant, and awesome. Read More >>


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