Find Out Where That Internet On Your Computer Really Came From

The Internet is an ethereal thing. It's everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Sure, it's "on" your computer (or your phone), but it came from somewhere, and this art installation shows you where. Exactly. Read More >>

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Google's Guts Look Like a Technicoloured Dreamland

We saw the insides of one of Google's once-secretive data centres for the first time last month. But now, as part of Google's new 'Where the internet lives', big G has thrown open the doors to eight of its back-end buildings across the globe, including the myriad of multi-coloured guts that make up Google's nerve centre. This is the technicoloured dreamland where your data is stored, people. Read More >>

Have a Look Inside a Super-Secure Google Data Centre and See Where the Internet Basically Lives

Google protects its data centres pretty fiercely, which you should be thankful for considering how much information it stores on your comings and goings across the internet. Now, thanks to this video and Street View, you can take a quick tour around one, and see what powers Google, which basically is the internet for a lot of us. Read More >>


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