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Why People Think Friday the 13th Is Unlucky

Being wary of Friday the 13th is much more than a quaint superstition observed by a few uneducated people in distant, unreachable towns and hamlets. In the United States alone, it is estimated that between 17 and 21 million people dread that date to the extent that it can be officially classified as a phobia. Read More >>

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US Retail Giant Suggests November 8th Launch for Xbox One

One of the few secrets left to be told about Xbox One may have been leaked by American supermarket chain Walmart, with an internal message about special events suggesting that teenage CoD fans might be queueing to buy their new consoles at midnight on November 8th. Read More >>

Rumour: Japanese Network Planning for July iPhone 5S Launch

Documents purportedly coming out of Japanese mobile network KDDI claim it's ready to launch its "iPhone 5S" pre-ordering campaign in June, ahead of a July release date for the all-new-ish Apple phone. Read More >>

Ouya Android Console Shipping to Initial backers on March 28th

The Ouya fun-cube is about to attach itself to the TVs of early adopters, with the maker announcing it'll ship finished units to Kickstarter backers on March 28th. Couple that with an ever-expanding games list and a forthcoming full retail launch and you have what might be the most disruptive event the games industry has ever seen. Or a cheap thing that plays sub-par mobile tat and swiftly disappears. Time will tell. [Ouya] Read More >>

Ouya Games-in-Progress List Currently Stands at a Whopping 481

Fans of the Ouya console have been keeping track of developments in the console's list of forthcoming games, with an enormous forum posting currently tracking nearly 500 titles said to be hitting the little Android games machine. Read More >>

Ouya Hitting the Big Old Shops from June

The maker of the rampantly successful Ouya Android console has filled out its plans for launch, revealing that the cheap little gaming machine ought to explode when it hits the mighty Amazon this June. Read More >>

Ouya Android Console Hitting UK Shops This March, For £99

After successfully milking Kickstarter for millions upon millions of pounds, the Ouya console is nearly ready for its global launch. Apparently we'll be able to pick up the Android gaming cube and controller for £99 this March. Read More >>

These Beautiful Pictures Are Created Using Plain Old Rubber Date Stamps

Every artist has their preferred medium: charcoal, oil paint, maybe even an iPad if you're David Hockney. But for Federico Pietrella, there's nothing quite like the squish of rubber stamp on paper. Read More >>


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