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How You Can Use Mathematics to Succeed at Online Dating

Ever since you read about Chris McKinlay gaming a dating site to find love, you may've wondered if you could do the same the thing. This video gives you some of the mathematics basics which could allow you to perform better on dating sites. Read More >>

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Science: Less-Attractive People Get the Most Online Dating Attention

If you've stuck a toe in the online dating pool, you've probably come across some total hottie and thought "oh great, that lucky so-and-so is gonna steal away all the attention from my profile." Not so, says science—in fact, it's the controversial-looking people, not the smokin' specimens, who get the most attention. Here's Head Squeeze's Hannah Fry to explain. Read More >>

There's a Dating Site For Ghosts...So Yeah We Can All Go Home Now

Welp it's been a good run. Nice work humanity, you produced a lot of cool stuff on the internet. But now that is live there isn't much else to do. Time to learn how to rock climb or read War and Peace. Read More >>

Facebook Apologises for Ad Featuring Photo of 17-Year-Old Suicide Victim

The sorry case of Rehtaeh Parsons has taken a new turn today, with Facebook apologising for allowing her photograph to be used in an advert for a dating site that ran across its pages. Read More >>

Mother and Daughter Scammed Bored Women out of £700k With Fake Army Hunk Dating Site

Karen Vasseur and her daughter Tracy tricked 374 US ladies into parting with around $1m, after setting up a fake dating site and pretending it was populated by single US service personnel. In fact, it was Karen and Tracy telling lies and begging for money. Read More >>

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What Do You Do in the Awkward Time Before You Meet an Online Date?

Online dating is great! You can meet people you otherwise would never encounter that share your interests and just might end up being the one. But the anonymity factor makes it just as easy to flake on someone when it comes to meeting IRL as it is to click on his or her profile to begin with. So how do you keep the digital spark alive long enough make it from arranging the date to the actual date? Read More >>

Online Dating Replacement: Tragic "Please Date Me" Clothing Line

Most attempts at "online dating" fail not because of some outwardly obvious personal defect on your part, but because it is an inherent failure on the part of online dating as an institution not to dress you in regrettable cotton t-shirts that say, with just a logo and a few carefully chosen words, that you are so very lonely and will try literally anything, and further, have likely begun designing and printing wedding invitations for potential marriage matches with each person at your office, just in case. Read More >>

Virgin America Installed a New In-Flight System to Help You Get Laid

Richard Branson: eccentric billionaire, adrenaline junky, sworn enemy of neckties, and now... matchmaker. That's right—Richard Branson wants to get you laid. What's more, he wants to get you laid in a goddamn airplane. Read More >>

Icelandic App Prevents "Accidental Incest"

The island nation of Iceland apparently has a bit of a problem with people accidentally porking distant family members, thanks to its limited population of 320,000 and the fact a large percentage of that lot is based in and around capital Reykjavik. A new app lets potential partners check to see if they're related, prior to engaging in... relations. Read More >>

You Should Wear a Red Shirt on Your Online Dating Profile

If you want to improve your chance of getting a date on any online dating site, you should wear a red shirt. Slate took a look at various studies comparing the same person wearing different coloured clothes and each time, red was the most successful colour. Do it. Change your online profile now. Read More >>

Why are People Still Turned off the Idea of Online Dating In 2013?

The day after Valentine’s Day. That day so many singletons take the plunge and turn to what is (apparently) their last hope -- the internet. And not for porn. Not this time. This time, it's to sign up to a dating site. Read More >>

OKCupid's New Blind Date App Aims to Find You Love (Or Random Sex) on the Fly

It's 3PM on a Tuesday, and your friend bails on dinner. What are you going to do? Try this: Fire up OKCupid's new app, CrazyBlindDate, and make yourself some romantical plans for the evening. Maybe you'll find love. Maybe you'll get laid. Maybe you'll meet an insane person. Adventure! The app, which launches today in Android and iOS flavours, aims to be your go-to-source for last-minute-love. Read More >>

Gents, Your Online Chat-Ups Make Me Ashamed

Girls, if you're still a believer that you might just find your perfect match on a dating site, look away now. Inspired by a friend's (doomed) attempt at online matchmaking, Mandatory's Rob Fee created the world's worst-written/funniest fake profile, and let the messages roll in. Read on for attempts at flirting barely worthy of a porn-script writer. Read More >>

Can This Girl Find Love on a Coding Website?

It's not totally unlike online dating but Noriko Higashi, a programmer at a social gaming company, posted a request for a boyfriend on GitHub, the social coding platform, outlining what she wants in a partner. If you can code, you have a chance at love. Bonus points for running your own server. Read More >>

These OKCupid Posters Are Hilariously Accurate

Avner Geller has created a series of hilarious posters that are inspired by the type of things you always see in someone's OKCupid profile. Geller based the posters around typical responses to 'you should message me if...', 'on a typical Friday night I'm...' and 'six things I could never do without'. Read More >>

OKCupid Wants to Match You With a Roommate You Bone Once and Never Speak to Again

One time I went on an OKCupid date with a guy who ordered hot wings, licked his fingers, and wiped a fountain of sweat off his forehead with a paper napkin. Needless to say, I never went out with him again. It was a very dark time. And if you're at an equally low point with your living situation, the people over at the most desperate dating site on the internet want to match you with your next roommate. Read More >>


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