David Cameron's Still V. Serious About Ukraine, Even When Responding to Patrick Stewart's Piss-Take

If you cast your mind back to yesterday's big Twitter hoo-ha (yes, before everyone jacked in that tomfoolery for the bitcoin car-chase), you may recall celebrities such as Sir Patrick Stewart took the mick out of David Cameron's very serious call to Obama about the Ukraine crisis, as pictured on his Twitter account for all to be suitably impressed by. The inevitable response came today from Cameron's aides: Read More >>

David Cameron's Serious Obama Call Gets the Twitter Parody Treatment

The mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia is serious business, and world leaders are understandably concerned as to what repercussions Russia's act of aggression in the region will lead to. Lengthy, serious phone calls will be had -- but do we really need a photo of a politician's "serious face" to highlight that? Read More >>

David Cameron Shamed Over Expenses Claim for 26p Tags and 38p Staple Remover

Powerful posho David Cameron's latest batch of MP expense claims have been published and scrutinised, revealing that the prime minister reclaimed a ludicrous 7p from the taxpayer to pay for a bulldog clip used to hold together files at his constituency office. Read More >>

'Go Away Cameron' Chrome Extension Brings Porn Back to the Internet

Our not-so-glorious leader David Cameron, as you know, has managed to get it into his head that porn is bad for us. Outrageous right? Luckily, the Etonite's crusade against our access to the wealth of NSFW material has hit an obstacle in the form of a Chrome extension. Read More >>

Cameron's ISP Porn Filters Backfire, Blocking Safe Sex Education Sites

We never wanted ‘em, but we got ‘em anyway. The roll-out of UK ISP’s government-mandated porn filters is in full swing, with the four major providers switching on their blockers. But, as expected, each has a very unique view of what constitutes “hardcore pornography”. Read More >>

"Automated System" Blamed for David Cameron Following a High Class Escort Agency on Twitter

The prime minister appeared to have accidentally added a high class escort agency to his list of followed people on Twitter, although his people suggest it was some sort of accident and should not be considered an official endorsement of "Elite London Escort Agency" Carltons. Read More >>

Sky Broadband's Porn Filters Ready to Respond to Cameron's Smut Crusade

David Cameron and conservative, Daily-Mail-reading middle England demanded it, and Sky have now complied. Sky Broadband's Shield system is now up and running, ready to spare your family from the "horrors" of internet pornography. Read More >>

800 Porn Site Requests Made From UK Parliament Network Every Day

It looks like our MPs have been conducting some serious research into the amounts of shocking pornography available on the internet, with a freedom of information request revealing that a staggering 300k requests for sites categorised as "porn" were made over the last year from Parliament computers. Read More >>

New Free Porn Site Promises "100 Per Cent Drama" and no XXX

There's a new porn site on the block you need to know about, as it's one that won't be stopped by any ISP filters. It's called Cameron Porn and everything's safe enough even for viewing inside the prime minister's sexless office. Read More >>

The Great Firewall of Cameron Won't Just Block Porn

New details have emerged about our dear Prime Minster David Cameron's plan to force through a UK internet censorship system to protect our children. The supposedly "default on" plan won't just stop at porn blocking; file sharing, gambling, social networks, and all sorts of other stuff are also being blanket targeted. Read More >>

The Great Firewall of Cameron: Why the UK's Porn Filtering Won't Work, and Won't Help

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, could have buried almost any bad news on the same day as a royal birth. Instead, the main grievous news he had to offer -- his plan for pervasive censorship of the British Internet -- was entirely his own making. His speech has been critiqued for its grandstanding and for ignorance of how the Internet works, but the lasting damage of his new initiative will serve to extend the precedent that the UK government and private actors can interfere with Internet communications without regulation or legislative oversight, and to undermine the safety of the children it seeks to protect. Read More >>

Fifty Shades of Grey and Page 3 Aren't Porn, Says Confused PM

Bonkers housewife smut epic Fifty Shades of Grey and the everyman soft pornography of The Sun's Page 3 ought to be safe from Cameron's war on internet porn, as the PM went into a little more detail on what will and won't be deemed offensive once his anti-porn police state plan goes live next year. Read More >>

This is Why Politicians Shouldn't Use Twitter

Seriously, if you're going to use a very public social network, which is apparently all part of the government's mandated public outreach policy now, then at least know how Twitter actually works before posting. Not even David Cameron's getting it right. Read More >>

Do You Really Watch Porn While Out and About?

David Cameron's attempting to ban porn from public Wi-Fi hotspots. That's great, I guess, and many of them already do block that kind of thing with filters. But the question that springs to my mind is, who in the hell actually watches porn while out in public? Read More >>

David Cameron Wants More Anti-Porn Filtering Options, Especially if You've Got Kids

David Cameron is believed to be preparing more measures to reduce the penetration of internet porn into our brains, with the PM said to be favouring a plan that would see internet users asked if they had kids when switching ISP. Read More >>

David Cameron's Government iPad App is Real and he's Reading Twitter on it Right Now

David Cameron's been caught bending the truth a bit over the matter of his iPad app. Earlier in the year it was rumoured the PM was testing an official government mobile app, a rumour the PM subsequently denied. But he was. He's using right now, in fact. Read More >>


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