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Why There Are 24 Hours in a Day

We live in a base-10 world. The decimal system governs everything from the binary functions of computers to the amount of change you get when you buy a Mashed Potato Slurpee. So why isn't the standard Earth day just 10 hours long? Credit the Egyptians for that one. Read More >>

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What the Hell Is a Leap Year and Why Do We Get an Extra Day Tomorrow?

Have you ever wondered why we have to have an extra day every four years? It seems baffling that we just shoehorn another 24-hours into February, but as CGP Grey so eloquently explains it’s all to do with trying to balance an imperfect calendar, something the Universe just won’t let us do. Read More >>

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Amazing Timelapse of 30-Story Building Constructed In Only 360 Hours

Gizmodo reader Xian Min Zhang just sent me this impressive timelapse video from his company's latest project: a 30-story tall, 183,000-square-foot hotel built in just 360 hours. Just 15 days! I kept watching it in disbelief. Read More >>


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