The New Kind of DDoS That Could Cripple the Internet

If you're a regular on the internet, you probably know how a DDoS can choke your favourite site with garbage traffic. Well get used to it because they're not going away; they're actually getting worse. Read More >>

UK Spies Messed About Launching DDoS Attacks on Anonymous and Lulzsec Members

New revelations from Edward Snowden's massive pile of governmental shame reveals that GCHQ experimented with DDoS attacks as a way of keeping online activists in check, turning the favoured internet weapon of the underground masses against some of the usual suspects. Read More >>

Participating in Anonymous DDoS Attack for One Minute = £112,000 Fine

Eric Rosol is not a big-time hacker. However, the Wisconsin man did participate in the 2011 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that Anonymous unleashed on Koch Industries—for one whole minute. And for that one minute of his life, a judge just decided, Rosol must pay a $183,000 fine. That's about  £112,000. Ouch. Read More >>

The NSA Says an 'Internal Error' Caused Its Outage, Not a DDoS Attack

The completely competent folks of the NSA are saying that its nuked website is a result of an internal error, a glitch, a mistake and not because hackers launched a DDoS attack on it. That's cool, the NSA didn't go down because of hackers but because it screwed itself up. Read More >>

This Map Shows the DDoS Attacks Happening Across the World Right Now

Yesterday, Google announced Project Shield, a suite of free tools to help small websites stay online during DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. To accompany it, Google has also made available a live map of DDoS attacks which shows when and where they're happening. Read More >>

UK Schoolboy Arrested for Pwning World in Massive Global Hack Campaign

A 16-year-old from the UK has been arrested for playing a part in one of the world's largest DDoS attacks, with the teen also suspected of having "significant sums" of money flowing through his bank account. Read More >>

The Future of Civil Disobedience Online

Familiar political tools like petitions, fundraisers, mass letter-writing, call-in campaigns now have online equivalents. But what about protest tactics like street marches, picket lines, sit-ins, and occupations? Where is the room on the internet for civil disobedience? Read More >>

What a DDoS Attack Looks Like

When hackers do cyber-battle, there isn't much to see. Maybe you'll wind up on a crashed website, but the real carnage is happening behind the scenes, perpetrated by a diffuse army of computers a world away. This is what it looks like. Read More >>

That Internet War Apocalypse Is a Lie

You might've read some headlines today—in very reputable publications—saying that there's an internet attack underway. The biggest in history. Enough to slow down the internet. This would be exciting and scary, except it's just not true. Read More >>

Accidental Bittorrent DDoS Attacks Neutralised by Updated Clients

Bittorrent has the power to do many things, mainly things to do with letting us watch new episodes of US TV shows six hours after they were first broadcast. But, if used badly, it can DDoS innocent web sites by sending millions of requests their way through incorrect tracker listings. Read More >>

The Hacker Who Isn't Old Enough To Drive But Can Destroy Your Digital Life

Fifteen year old kids can be unpredictable. But one fifteen-year-old, a hacker who goes by the moniker Cosmo the God, is downright scary. He's a highly-skilled social engineer who is capable of stealing your digital life right out from under you. And he doesn't even have his drivers' license yet. Read More >>

Wikileaks Is Getting Pummeled By an Unknown Enemy

Wikileaks, the Internet's top platform for exposing secrets of all varieties, is reporting that it's been under serious attack for the better part of a week. This extended DDoS is still coming in strong, and has brought the site to its knees. Read More >>

Anonymous Declares War on Ukraine Over Demonoid Gift-Wrap Shutdown

Ukraine's government is currently feeling the wrath of Anonymous, after it decided it'd be a great idea to take out one of the biggest torrent trackers as a present for the US. OpDemonoid is Anonymous' way of saying, haven't you learnt anything, Ukraine? Read More >>

Pirate Bay Competitor Demonoid Taken Out as a Present For the US

Last week, one of the largest torrent websites, Demonoid, was taken down in a flurry of DDoS attacks and ended up serving malware to visitors. The site can now rest easy from any attacks, but visitors will have to look elsewhere for torrents, as the Ukrainian authorities have shut the site down as a gift to the U.S. to show that the country takes copyright infringement seriously. Read More >>

Anonymous Takes Out Virgin Media In Response to Its Pirate Bay Blackout

Looks like Anonymous isn't all that happy with Virgin doing what it was court ordered to do and blocking The Pirate Bay across its network. The hacking collective has forced the Virgin Media website offline with a classic DDoS attack, which kicked off at 5pm last night and still seems to be going strong this morning. Read More >>

Anonymous Having Another Crack at GCHQ This Weekend

The Saturday night hack-a-thon organised by Anonymous will continue this week, with UK-based members of the collective having another go at DDoS-ing the UK government into submission over its controversial extradition rules. Read More >>


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