An LG G Pad 8.3 for £114 is Your "Easter Tablet Treat" Deal of the Day

Want a decent tablet, but don't want to break the bank because you still need money for cigarettes, packets of Frazzles, dildos, thongs, Billy Bear ham and all manner of other disgusting things you get up to when you host your 'parties'? Fear not - today you get get an ace tablet for cheaper than usual! Read More >>

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is Your 'Snake? Snake? SNAAAAKE!' Deal of the Day

Metal Gear Solid has been around forever, introducing gamers to some of the most wonderfully named characters in video game history! You've got Solid Snake, joined by Master Miller, Revolver Ocelot, Psycho Mantis, Laughing Octopus, The Fury and... erm... Roy Campbell. Read More >>

The $19 Billion WhatsApp Sale Was Planned Around an Airmiles Flight

You'd think that a $19 billion business deal would be a good reason to change your travel plans—after all, what's it to a billionaire? But according to WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum, finalising the Facebook sale was organised around a plane ticket he couldn't change because it was booked with airmiles. Read More >>

Premium Duracell Batteries for Under £2 are Your "Don't Lick 'Em" Deal of the Day

Batteries are amazing things. You can power things with them. They fit perfectly into a child's nostrils. You can crack them like eggs and poison yourself. The possibilities are endless. And with that, you can show off to your neighbours by getting some expensive batteries, but you don't have to tell them how cheaply you bought them for. They'll think you're one of those rappers with your posh batteries. Read More >>

A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for £149 is Your "iPads are for Posers" Deal of the Day

You don't have enough stuff in your life. You might think you do, but you don't. You need more things. You always need more things. Things to put on shelves. Things to insert into your orifices. Things that you don't care for now, but might be 'worth something' in the future. Most of all, you need more gadgets to distract you from the towering clutter in your house! Read More >>

A Week-Long Stay in an Egyptian-Themed Las Vegas Hotel is Your "Luxor(ious)" Deal of the Day

Is your life simply not sinful enough? No matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to cram all the sinning in? You need a place dedicated to 24/7 debauchery, gambling, hard drinking and trying to ignore the men debt-laden corpses rotting in shallow holes at the side of the road! The place you need, is Las Vegas! Read More >>

A Ten-Pack of Premium Duracell Batteries is Your Rabbit-Powering Deal of the Day

Batteries are great aren't they? They power our lives in ways we take for granted, every single day. Without them, we wouldn't be able to change the channel on the TV when someone irritating comes on-screen. They keep our clocks ticking and our women sexually satisfied. Read More >>

It's Official: Google is Selling Motorola to Lenovo

It's true: Google is really selling Motorola Mobility to Lenovo. Here are some details shared by Lenovo, announcing the $2.91 billion deal: Read More >>

The Complete Friends Blu-ray Boxset is Your "Gosh, They're Just Like My Zany Pals!" Deal of the Day

Remember Friends? Of course you do. It was on forever and then, when it finished, Channel 4 endlessly repeated it so they didn't have to commission any original programmes of their own (see also: constant re-runs of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory). Read More >>

Batman: Arkham Origins for £16.22 is Your "KAPOW! CRUNCH! WHAM!" Deal of the Day

Since Batman stopped being camp and got in a perma-sulk, he's been the king of the superheroes. Weird that, in the new flicks, the millionaire took on the socialists who hate the wealthy Bruce Wayne, and made us lot side with the bankers for the duration of a film. Go capitalism! Read More >>

James Bond Skyfall Blu-ray Bargain is Your "Shaken, Not Skint" Deal of the Day

When most men put a suit on, they suddenly feel like James Bond. They mess with their cuffs and walk a little taller, even if they've only got a suit on because they're going to court for not paying child-support. However, you're not James Bond until you've killed thousands of people, had unprotected sex in every country of the world and had someone swing a knotted rope at your balls. Read More >>

The Complete Saw Movies Blu-ray Boxset is Your "Sunday Morning Torture Marathon" Deal of the Day

Now that the cuddles and cosiness of Christmas is over, it is time to fall back into the people we really are, which is a species filled with unrelenting darkness and horror. With that, we should throw all those hokey festive films in the bin and settle down with films that perv over unspeakably nasty grot. Read More >>

A 60mb Virgin Broadband Upgrade With a Free Superhub is Your "Bolt-Fast Torrents" Deal of the Day

The internet is brilliant isn't it? You can read whatever you like, shop without leaving the house and, most importantly, leave snarky comments on articles telling people they can't spell or wanting them dead. Within two clicks of trolling, you're on JustGiving giving £5 to someone raising money for people who have killed themselves after people abused them online. Read More >>

Noise Isolating Earphones for Just 99p are Your "What? Huh? Can You Say That Again?" Deal of the Day

While earphones can be intensely annoying -- note, anyone who has them on so loud it sounds like mice rioting in a biscuit tin or absolutely anyone wearing Beats by Dr Dre headphones -- they are a necessity. For starters, you can expertly ignore people while listening to your favourite songs and transport your commute to an imagined dancefloor or gig. Read More >>

A Cheap Hotel Room is Your Adultery-Enabling Deal of the Day

Hotels are great aren't they? Perfect for having an affair or murdering someone. They're also great for showing just how inept we are when faced with the problem of turning the heating off with a system we're not familiar with. Hotels. Lovely. Read More >>

A 42-Inch 3D Smart TV Is Your "Time to Binge on Those Boxsets" Deal of the Day

There's not much of 2013 left, which is depressing for those who like to achieve things within a yearly timeframe. If you haven't done what you need to do by the close of the year, you may see yourself as a thundering disaster or, if you're sensible, you'll know that 2014 will be the same as 2013 and you can waddle around at your own speed. Read More >>


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