Turn Any Wall Into a Death Star With These Mix-and-Match Tiles

Tom Spina Designs has a long history of bringing wonderful Star Wars-inspired creations to life. We still wish we could have snatched up the Han Solo Carbonite desk the company created, and now we desperately want these brilliant sculpted modular tiles that make any surface look like you're up close and personal with the Death Star. Read More >>

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Was the Destruction of the Death Star an Inside Job?

Was there more to the climax of Star Wars: A New Hope than met the eye? According to the creators of Luke's Change: an Inside Job, a fantastically clever take on another documentary you're probably aware of, there certainly was. And come to think of it, some of the details of the whole thing were pretty convenient. I'm starting to think that maybe all this stuff didn't actually happen... [Boing Boing via io9] Read More >>

Not Up For Backing a Death Star? How About an X-Wing Instead?

So, you didn't think backing the Death Star on Kickstarter was worth your hard-earned cash? How about an X-Wing instead? Yes, that's right, you too can get in at the ground level and help the Rebel Alliance build an X-Wing squadron to take on the might of the Imperial open-source Death Star -- only £7 million needed. Read More >>

You Can Now Back an Open-Source Death Star on Kickstarter

The Americans tried to get it made with a real-life petition to the government. Obviously that was turned down -- we are in a recession after all -- but now you can actually help make the Death Star a reality with the power of Kickstarter. They're only asking for £20 billion. Read More >>

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The Empire Responds to the White House's Rejection of the Death Star and Calls Out Earth for Being a Coward

The US is not getting a Death Star. The White House made that official. But what does the Galactic Empire think about Earth abandoning our Death Star project? Well, they think our "unimaginatively named planet" is filled with cowards! Read More >>

This Isn't the White House Response to the Death Star Petition You're Looking For

Remember that US government petition, that asked for a Death Star, with a straight face and all. Well, surprise! It's not happening, and here's why: Read More >>

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Of Course There's an Official White House Petition That Wants the US to Build a Death Star By 2016

In perhaps the best use of the White House's official "We the People" petition system (just like the government's e-petition thing), a group of faceless signatures want America to secure funding and resources in order to begin construction on a Death Star by 2016. Yes, a Death Star. Read More >>

If Only Every iPhone Came With a Death Star Logo on the Back

A prototype iPhone has popped up on eBay -- no not an iPhone 5, an ancient iPhone 4 pre-production model -- but it's sporting the most awesome-looking of logos on the back, ever. Gone is the traditional Apple logo and in with what looks like a prototype death star, or err, the protologo. Read More >>

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Nerdy Climbing Wall Holds Prove Even Star Wars Fanboys Stay Fit

When you think of Star Wars fans, you probably picture an overweight individual sprawled out on a couch reaching for the Monster Munch with a plastic lightsaber. But apparently that image isn't entirely accurate, since you can now buy Star Wars-themed climbing wall holds. Read More >>

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Why Building the Death Star Is a Bad Investment

I wish to address the most important policy question of the millenium: should we build a Death Star? Read More >>

Nope, That's Not the Death Star Sucking the Life Out of our Sun

Space conspiracy theorists have been going nuts over a video taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, saying that a dark sphere visible in the Sun’s corona must be a planet-sized UFO, a world-ending super weapon, or even a tiny black hole. It certainly looks like a large spherical object is sucking the plasma out of our Sun in this video, but according to NASA it’s nothing. Read More >>

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The Death Star Pops Into Orbit Just to Visit Denmark

There are quite a few Star Wars adverts around at the moment – we’ve got to suffer the humiliation of Yoda every time there’s a Vodafone advert on the box -- but this one is frankly awesome. Read More >>

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That's No Moon, It's a Light Up Shirt With Sound Effects

Mixing Star Wars with those '"I'm with stupid" tees, this latest addition to the ever growing list of electronically enhanced shirts features the Death Star firing its glowing superlaser, complete with sound effects, at whoever's standing next to you. Read More >>


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