Your Decaying Corpse Becomes a Factory of Toxic Chemicals After You Die

What happens after we die? Spiritually, who knows. Physically? Your body becomes a festering production line, spewing out more than 400 nasty compounds that would be toxic to your body if you weren't already dead, as Scientific American explains in this unsettlingly cheery animation. Read More >>

Brace Your Bowels: Scientists Say TEN Veg Servings a Day are Needed to Not Die of Everything

If you want to not die of everything in your late thirties, you may have to spend a bit more time in the fruit and vegetable aisle of your local supermarket browsing the lumpy green things, with one health think-tank suggesting the five-a-day fruit and veg serving advice should be doubled to ten. Read More >>

The Woods Around Chernobyl are Not Decaying

Like a landscape of the undead, the woods outside Chernobyl are having trouble decomposing. The catastrophic meltdown and ensuing radiation blast of April 1986 has had long-term effects on the soil and ground cover of the forested region, essentially leaving the dead trees and leaf litter unable to decompose. The result is a forest full of "petrified-looking pine trees" that no longer seem capable of rotting. Read More >>

NASA-Backed Study Says Humanity is Pretty Much Screwed

Hope you've enjoyed civilised life, folks. Because a new study sponsored by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center says the world's industrial societies are poised to collapse under the weight of their own unsustainable appetites for resources. There goes the weekend...and everything after it. Read More >>

Facebook's Changing What Happens to Your Page When You Die

Are you currently playing pretty fast and loose with your Facebook privacy options? Probably! Against our best judgement, must of us do at some point or another, whether it's an unwise public status or an embarrassing profile picture. We just hope you're at peace with those choices; now, those poorly thought out public tidbits could be viewable long after you're gone. Read More >>

Michael Jackson Fans Win Token 83p Compo Because They Were Sad He Died

Are you sad someone died? Better lawyer up, as legal experts acting on behalf of a group of depressed Michael Jackson fans have won a staggering €1 each in compensation from Dr Conrad Murray, the man deemed responsible for the bonkers pop star's death. Read More >>

Will Smallpox Reemerge in Siberia as Corpses Thaw from Climate Change?

In an article primarily about the potential folly of holding onto stockpiles of smallpox virus for research purposes the BBC includes one vile idea. Could the frozen bodies of smallpox victims in Siberia, now thawing because of climate change, re-release the virus into the environment and thus start a global pandemic? Read More >>

"Let's Discuss Death Over Some Tea and Cake" Says Church of England

They say there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. No one wants to talk about taxes so lets talk more about death – with a nice cup of tea and slice of cake. At least that's what the Church of England wants. Read More >>

Poor Fatties are Dying Young Thanks to Laziness

The poorest members of society are risking early death thanks to their inactivity, with researchers finding that people in some of the UK's most deprived spots are failing to raise their heart rates above rest-level idling for most of their sedentary lives. Read More >>

How People in London Die, in Map Form

Death data from the Office for National Statistics has been compiled into clickable map form by the Guardian, painting a rather grim picture of how people across London have died. And as you might expect, poor people die harder. Read More >>

Historical Wills Reveal Shakespeare and Jane Austen's Last Wishes

Popular 16th Century social media guru and blogging ninja Will Shakespeare left just £150 to his daughter in his will. Although if you take inflation into account, that's roughly the equivalent of £380,000 in today's money. So he wasn't one of those poor-in-his-lifetime arty types. Read More >>

How Corpses Helped Shape the London Underground

As Mexico City archaeologists sort through the surreal array of Aztec sacrificial skulls recently uncovered while excavating their city's subway system, it's worth remembering that parts of the London Underground were also tunneled, blasted, picked, and drilled through a labyrinth of plague pits and cemeteries. Read More >>

Grandad Choked to Death Before Wild Night With Prize Prostitutes

86-Year-Old Johnny Orris, from Illinois in the US, was entered into a competition by his grandson. The prize? Sex with two prostitutes in a Nevada brothel. Charming. If that's not strange enough, it's reported that Orris died shortly before the encounter, after choking to death on his pre-sex steak dinner. Read More >>

Six Feet Over: The Future of Skyscraper Cemeteries

This month in Oslo, an architecture student named Martin McSherry presented a controversial idea to a gathering of cemetery and funeral professionals. The topic? His design for a "vertical cemetery" that could, in theory, solve Norway's growing graveyard conundrum. Read More >>

Sainsbury's Bananas in "Death Spiders" PR Crisis

A London family was ordered to run out of their home by a pest control team, after a batch of deadly spiders crawled out of their bunch of Sainsbury's bananas. Read More >>

Norway Is Overrun With Plastic-Covered Corpses That Refuse to Rot

Norway's got a major corpse problem that isn't going away anytime soon. Literally, they won't rot. What's the culprit behind this profusion of bodies that refuse to take their place in the circle of life? The same thing that's also working to keep your sandwich fresh: plastic wrap. Read More >>


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