Shocking Report Says Equivalent of 29,000 Deaths a Year are Caused by UK Air Pollution

Public Health England has released a complex report covering how air pollution impacts on the health of the nation, suggesting that the equivalent of 29,000 people per year may be dying from inhaling the man-made particles pumped out by cars, power stations and factories. Read More >>

"Legal High" Death Numbers Exaggerated by Common Substance Abusers

The number of people offing themselves by getting carried away with the paint-stripper hybrids has been exaggerated, according to former government drug advisers, who suggest "legal highs" aren't perhaps as dangerous as they're currently portrayed. Read More >>

How People in London Die, in Map Form

Death data from the Office for National Statistics has been compiled into clickable map form by the Guardian, painting a rather grim picture of how people across London have died. And as you might expect, poor people die harder. Read More >>

Boris Blames Headphones for London's Cycling Deathwave and Wants Them Banned

Comedy London Mayor Boris Johnson is suggesting that bike riders wearing headphones as they cut through the city's traffic may be partially responsible for causing the rash of recent deaths, and suggests a ban on cyclists wearing headphones while riding may be a good idea on safety grounds. Read More >>

How Could the UK's Roads be Made Safer for Cyclists?

Another sad run of cyclist deaths on the roads of London has led to more calls for action, but what can be done? Short of digging up every street in the country and starting from scratch with a new network, aren't cyclists going to have to accept that it's simply a riskier form of transport, as they're not surrounded by a tonne of German, French or Japanese metal? Read More >>

This Deceptively Pretty Map Shows Every Traffic Death on Earth

Death by car is random and sudden—which, unfortunately, means it tends to fall into the category of "accidental," and hence, unpreventable. But with traffic deaths set to outpace AIDS/HIV and malaria in the developing world, the UN is trying to change that perception—and this shocking interactive map ought to help. Read More >>

Family Claims iPhone Electrocuted Their Daughter

The family of a 23-year-old Chinese girl are claiming she was electrocuted by her iPhone, with a post on a local social network suggesting the girl died after answering a call. Read More >>

Dead Man Charged £10 For Not Paying Virgin Media Bill on Time

Virgin Media has made the rather enormous error of sending out a bill to a dead man, also cheekily adding a £10 late payment fee. Why not turn up at the funeral and prise the rings off his fingers to pay for his TV debts, you cold-hearted automatons? Read More >>

google maps
Google Maps Might Kill You as Well

Oh, how we laughed when Australian police warned users against using Apple Maps. Stupid Apple! Stupid, rubbish Apple. Except now they've warned against using Google's mapping tool as well, in case it leads coach loads of kids to their doom. Read More >>

Cops Blame "Today's Society" as Mum Learns of Daughter's Death on Facebook

Karla James died in her home just after eight o'clock on July 23rd of this year, with the news hitting Facebook before police could contact her mum. A nephew read of her death on the social site and asked her mum what had happened before she'd been informed. Which is not ideal. Read More >>


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