Your Decaying Corpse Becomes a Factory of Toxic Chemicals After You Die

What happens after we die? Spiritually, who knows. Physically? Your body becomes a festering production line, spewing out more than 400 nasty compounds that would be toxic to your body if you weren't already dead, as Scientific American explains in this unsettlingly cheery animation. Read More >>

The Woods Around Chernobyl are Not Decaying

Like a landscape of the undead, the woods outside Chernobyl are having trouble decomposing. The catastrophic meltdown and ensuing radiation blast of April 1986 has had long-term effects on the soil and ground cover of the forested region, essentially leaving the dead trees and leaf litter unable to decompose. The result is a forest full of "petrified-looking pine trees" that no longer seem capable of rotting. Read More >>

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Watch that Scary-Looking CERN Zombie Movie For Free Right Here

The trailer for Decay the movie certainly looked awesome. Zombies? At CERN? Talk about, dropping that they've-just-opened-a-portal-to-end-of-the-world bomb. But now the whole thing is up for free download, or you can watch it right here, for this evening's scarefest. Read More >>

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We're All Doomed -- Zombies Have Invaded CERN

What if the search for the 'God particle' inadvertently caused people to mutate. What if those mutated people suddenly got a lust for flesh, human flesh? Zombies? At CERN? Oh god, this is what the end of the world must look like. Read More >>


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