3D Printed Gun Tested Again, This Time it Self-Destructs in Police Hands

A new test print-'n-shoot of that controversial 3D printed gun has not gone quite as planned, with police in Australia printing up a pair of Liberators -- only to see one blow itself to pieces when fired for the first time. Read More >>

Oh Crap, the World's First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun Has Been Successfully Test-Fired

Just days after revealing that he was working on a 100-per-cent 3D-printed weapon, Defence Distributed boss and scary sunglasses-wearer Cody Wilson appears to have successfully test-fired the 'Liberator' pistol, a gun made entirely out of plastic. Spiffing. Read More >>

Watch the Full Documentary About 3D Printed Weapons Right Here: Click. Print. Gun.

After getting teased with the trailer for Click. Print. Gun, Motherboard's documentary on the 3D printed gun movement, we finally get to watch the whole thing. The doc takes a look at Cody R. Wilson, a 25-year-old University of Texas law student, and how he's been building weapon parts with a 3D printer. Read More >>

The Terrifying Future is 3D Printed Weapons

Vice Motherboard just released a trailer for Click. Print. Gun., its upcoming documentary on 3D printed guns, and you get to see a glimpse of the terrifying future that is having access to guns and gun parts that you can just click and print. The doc follows Cody R. Wilson, a guy who has home printed a semi-automatic rifle and uploaded all the info on the Internet. Fun! [Vice] Read More >>

That 3D-Gun-Printing Thing Is Now Legal Apparently

You may remember Cody Wilson from our previous coverage of his group's attempts to 3-D-print parts for AR-15 assault rifles. Well, in a slightly confusing move for someone whose aim is to stick it to the man, he's gone and and acquired a federal firearms license. Read More >>

3D Gun-Printing Technology is Getting (Worryingly) Better

An American bunch of pro-gun techies has spent the past couple months sinking time and money into a project to create a 'Wiki-weapon', a 3D printed gun that anyone can download and build for themselves. Up until now, they've been a bit of a joke, but their latest efforts seem to be bearing some fruit. And that scares me witless. Read More >>

Laugh At the 3-D Gun Printing Morons Screwing Up Again

3D printing failed at making an actual gun. In fact, the test gun pretty much blew up in the poor test guy's face. Since then, the guys behind that megaflop have lowered their sights (pardon the pun) to try and take on the humble magazine -- something they might be able to achieve, if they weren't a bunch of raving blockheads. Check out the video if you like wallowing in other people's failure. Read More >>


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