An Interactive Map of What America's Spies are Worried About

Well, Defense One just made it easy for you with this interactive map of what America's spies are really worried about. It's very simple—just a Google Map of the world with pins dropped on all of the countries that represent national security concerns. But it's not just terrorism that their intelligence agencies are bothered by; it's everything from economic instability in central Africa and homicide rates in Honduras to riots in the streets of Ukraine and secret Iranian efforts to supply weapons to Palestinian groups. Did you know that Azerbaijan is almost ready to blow? Read More >>

The Pentagon Has a Contingency Plan if BlackBerry Goes Belly-Up

While half the technologically-savvy world has moved on to the greener pastures of Android and iOS, the Pentagon's forces still rely on BlackBerry handsets. And if the Canadian smartphone manufacturer goes under, BlackBerry's decline could become an unlikely issue of US national security. Read More >>

Chinese Dude Pleads Guilty to Pirating £60 Million Worth of Military Software

Yesterday a Chinese businessman pleaded guilty to selling pirated software—used by defense, space technology and engineering businesses—worth a retail value of over £60 million. Read More >>


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