You Might Actually Be Able to Afford a 4K Monitor Soon

These days, any mention of 4K immediately conjures up images of crystal-clear definition—-and absurdly exorbitant price tags. Well, that's quickly changing. Read More >>

8 Questions About Dell's Cat Urine Recall

Do you own a Dell Latitude 643u ultrabook? Does your Dell Latitude 643u Ultrabook smell like cat urine? And do you, in fact, not own a cat? Well, then, we have some good news for you, friends. Dell has officially issued a recall for their recent fleet of cat pee computers, and it's giving away the non-odoriferous replacement parts for free. Read More >>

Dell's Latitude 6430u Laptops Smell Like Cat Piss Say Nose-Pinching Customers

With brand allegiances pretty strong in the world of consumer tech, it's not that unusual to have fanboys lash out at a rival's product, saying it smells of one form of bodily waste or another. It's rare however when such statements are meant to be taken literally. Read More >>

Teenager Spends £21,000 of His Dad's Money on Historic WikiLeaks Server

£21,000 is, on the face of it, a lot of money for a server. Especially when it's a Dell model from a couple years ago, and even more so when it's been bought by your conspiracy-nut son, using your credit card, without your knowledge. Read More >>

Snowden Reportedly Started Stealing Spy Documents While Working at Dell

Unnamed United States officials and other anonymous sources told Reuters about the Dell connection. They say that Snowden started downloading information about the government's spy programs as early as April 2012, when he was working at Dell. It appears that the NSA was one of Dell's clients at the time, and Snowden managed to win access to documents about the NSA's collecting information from fibre optic cables, including transoceanic cables. A Dell spokesman told Reuters, "We are honouring our customer's request that we not comment on this matter." Read More >>

A Dell XPS 10 and an Archos 80 Cobalt Are Your Cheapo-Tablet Deals of the Day

Time for another round of tablet bingo. We won't rest until we've found every available tablet at a reduced price for you, and there's a couple more to cross off the ever-expanding list here. Read More >>

Why Dell's XPS 12 Is the Perfect Go-To Device

Though computers get increasingly powerful with every passing day, no-one ever seems to do anything about the faff -- staying always-on is a bit of an effort. With the Dell XPS 12, though, you're not only getting a machine that works in almost every situation -- you're getting a machine that doesn't get in the way of your dreams. Read More >>

Dell's XPS All-in-One Turns into an 18-inch Tablet... That Actually Doesn't Suck

So, this sounds nuts, but Dell's new 18-inch desktop-cum-tablet actually feels... light. Like something that isn't insane to hold and carry around and, more importantly, like something that might have a chance at being more than a gimmick. Read More >>

Dell's Officially a Private Company. What Now?

After what seemed like ages of hints and feints, Dell has finally, officially reached a deal to go private. It's going to be led by its founder Michael Dell, with a financial assist from private equity firm Silver Lake and PC enthusiast Microsoft. Will it be enough to make the company — and more specifically, its products — relevant again? Read More >>

Bloomberg: Dell Founder Seeks Majority Share Using Personal Funds

Bloomberg is reporting that Michael Dell, founder of the eponymous computer company, is seeking to take majority control of the firm using his own cash. He currently holds a 15.7 per cent stake —and will need to stump up as much as $1 billion of his personal funds to seize 50 per cent. Read More >>

What's Really Going on Between Microsoft and Dell

There's a lot of confusing legal language being thrown around today about Dell continuing its plan to go private, and Microsoft's involvement. But it's not actually that complicated. Here's a relatively simple breakdown of what we know is going on. Read More >>

Report: Dell Is "in Talks" to Take Company Private

According to Bloomberg sources, Dell is considering taking its company off the public stock market. Trading has been halted on the company for the time being while the situation plays out. Dell has told CNBC that it won't comment on "rumours and speculation". Read More >>

Why Does Dell's Ubuntu-Powered XPS 13 Cost More Than Its Windows Equivalent?

Dell's Ubuntu-powered XPS 13, codenamed Project Sputnik, started life as an internal R&D project. Now it's grown up and is available to buy online in the US—but why does it cost more than a Windows equivalent? Read More >>

Sharp Is Pleading With US Firms to Help It Out

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Japanese manufacturer Sharp is in serious talks with a number of US companies to try and save its finances. It plans to offer up stakes in the business in return for a "stable supply of breakthrough display technology". Read More >>

windows 8
The Ultimate Windows 8 Hybrid Roundup

Looking for a laptop replacement, but tired of talk of convertibles, hybrids, sliders, touch-friendly laptops and slates? Drowning in advertising-speak about how this new Windows-8 device is going to make your life infinitely better? Yeah, us too. Never fear, though, we've got your back! Follow on after the break to find out everything you'd ever dreamed to dare to know about Windows 8 hybrids. Read More >>

lightning review
Dell XPS 12 Review: Beautiful Screen, Flimsy Frame

Among all the Windows 8 convertibles coming out, the Dell XPS is unique. Because it's insane. It's a full-on, regular laptop, with a trapeze artist screen that flips on an axis to convert into a slate. Is that something you'd actually want? Read More >>


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