ASDA Lining up Last Minute HMV Rescue Bid?

Green-topped supermarket chain ASDA may be about to salvage pink-topped physical media dinosaur HMV, with the retail giant said to be offering to buy the remaining HMV stores from the administrator -- and keep some of them going. Read More >>

Death Watch: Blockbuster Shuts Up Another 164 Stores

Things are going from bad to worse for all those still clinging onto jobs at the failing Blockbuster. Deloitte's just announced that 164 more stores are closing with around 800 jobs lost. It just goes to show you can't compete in an online world with crummy brick and mortar rental stores. Read More >>

66 HMV Stores to Close With 930 Staff Out of a Job

Hilco might have bought out HMV's debt, giving it effective control over Deloitte's administration of the troubled chain, but that doesn't mean everything is hunky dory right now. HMV's just announced 66 stores will close with the loss of 930 jobs. Ouch. Read More >>

Blockbuster Forced to Call it Quits Too

The poor UK High Street is taking a right battering at the moment. First Comet, then Jessops, then HMV, and now Blockbuster has hurtled into administration. Deloitte's handling this one, along with HMV, and it seems the plan is to keep at least some of the 528 stores open. Read More >>

Deloitte Nukes HMV's Site

In a somewhat surprising move, considering the administrators are keeping HMV's stores running, Deloitte have taken the HMV site offline. It looks like sales are limited to stores, but are they simply prepping for a fire-sale site? Read More >>

Deloitte: HMV's 239 Stores Will Stay Open, For Now

Last night we heard the sad news that yet another of the UK's big High Street brands was forced into administration. HMV has appointed Deloitte to handle things from now on in, and the temporarily good news is that all 239 stores across the UK and Ireland will stay open, for now. Read More >>


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