Eye Witness Captured Nokia Faking its Lumia 920 Stills

The scandal of Nokia's faked PureView video stabilisation tech demo has expanded to include the example still photos shot with the device which, it turns out, were actually stills from the faked video. Nothing's real. The Lumia 920's probably just a rebranded HTC. Read More >>

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It's Hard to Believe that this Insane 3D Demo Is Not a Real Life Video

I've seen amazing demos of DirectX 11, but this is mind blowing. I have a hard time believing that this video is all rendered in real time with DirectX 11 hardware, but that's exactly what it is. Read More >>

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Larry Page Lives Out His Borg Fantasies Once Again, in New Google Glasses Demo

Google's Larry Page tried once again to convince a disbelieving world that Google's bonkers augmented reality glasses (a) look good and (b) are of any use, delivering a talk at the company's latest Zeitgeist gathering while wearing the technical spectacles. Read More >>

Intel Caught Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo

This video shows proof that Intel faked their CES 2012 ultrabook gaming demo. Instead of using the real racing game, Mooley Eden pretended he was driving a car while in fact he was just moving the wheel while a video was playing. Read More >>

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Try Out Windows Phone on Your iPhone or Android Right Now

Have you been curious about Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)? Maybe you want to try it out without standing around in some store? Microsoft just made it easy to do exactly that on your iOS or Android phone. No installations required. Read More >>


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