virtual reality
Star Trek Voyager Oculus Rift Demo Wows Fully Immersed Fans

Put on your officially licensed Captain Janeway playsuit, there's an amazing new Oculus Rift demo in town. This one recreates the deck of a Voyager-era starship, and, to add even more of a thrill to the immersion, pressing "e" lets you shoot off a photon torpedo. Read More >>

xbox one
Xbox One Dashboard and Multitasking Shown in Beta Dash Video

A mumbling man with poor camera skills has shot his own video of the Xbox One dashboard, apparently recording a beta version of the dash that illustrates how the new console manages the multitasking side of things. Read More >>

Microsoft Kin Usability Videos Show it Wasn't... Usable

Remember Microsoft's Kin One and Kin Two phones? They had about three days of mild, bemused hype, before disappearing and being pulled from sale amid a disastrous reception and mass embarrassment for poor Microsoft. These "usability" test videos show why the two semi-smartphones were such a disaster. Read More >>

BlackBerry London and BB10 Prodded on Video

It feels like we've been running news stories about the BlackBerry London since back when London itself was a small port town built mainly from wood and horse manure and prone to catching on fire. Now we have proper 2012-level evidence. A video. Read More >>


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