This Amazing Geodesic Dome Houses a Danish Political Throwdown

Every year, 10,000 Danes come together for the Folkemødet, a celebrated "political festival" of spirited policy debate, which all sounds extremely Danish. This summer, they'll be doing so in an incredible space: a beautiful, wood-and-steel geodesic dome. Read More >>

A Guide to Bitcoin Legality in Different Countries Around the World

Americans are spoiled—at least where Bitcoin's concerned. While people are free to mine, spend, and speculate on Bitcoin freely in the States, citizens of other countries aren't so lucky. Read More >>

This Submersible Skatepark Is Drainage in Disguise

Skateboarding's earliest shredders cut their teeth in empty pools and drainage pipes, but extreme sport-boardin' has come a long way in the years since. There are plenty of devoted skateparks out there now, but this one in Denmark goes back to those roots by doubling as a functional drainage system. Read More >>

Microsoft Might Owe Denmark More Than £670 Million in Unpaid Tax

A new report by Denmark's national broadcasting corporation, DR, suggests that Microsoft owes the country over £670 million in unpaid tax. Read More >>

If You Have the Tiniest Penis in Denmark, You Will Get a Free iPhone 5

How far will you go to get a free iPhone 5? What about embarrassing yourself in front of your entire country claiming that you have the tiniest penis in your homeland? Read More >>

Who Needs IKEA? Just Print Your Own Entire House

Taking just four weeks, a computer, a CNC printer and a whole lot of plywood, Danish architects from architecture firm Eentileen, Frederik Agdrup and Nicholas Bjorndal, built this awesome house with their bare hands, a lot of imagination and some impressive design skills. Read More >>

The Secret History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth. Think about Bluetooth. Are you thinking about 10th-century bloodshed and Danish warmongering? You should be. The same tech you use to make dorky phone calls is named after a man responsible for uniting the modern nation of Denmark. Violently. Read More >>

Research Says Mobile Phones Don't Cause Cancer

We've heard this before -- mobile phones do/do not (delete where appropriate) cause cancer. I'm probably not in the minority in hoping it turns out to be on the 'do not' side. A large population study out of Copenhagen says they don't. Read More >>


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