Psychedelic Happy Drugs in "May Beat Depression" Shock

Some scientists have been mucking about with the brains of depressed people, merrily feeding them notorious animal tranquilliser and mind-bending floaty/paralysis party drug ketamine to see what happens. Rather unsurprisingly, they felt a bit better about themselves after emerging from their medically induced k-holes. Read More >>

Being Sad Makes You Less Likely to Binge Eat Crisps for Dinner

A study into how emotions control our desire for nice foods that make us fat has found that we might all be thinner if we're permanently depressed, with sad thoughts apparently limiting the desire to eat stacks of unhealthy food. Read More >>

Chin Up! Blue Monday is Actually a Load of Bollocks

Yes, it's cold out. Yes, it's dark out. Yes, it's the first day after the glorious respite from week-long drudgery that is the weekend. But to brand this particular January day as the so-called annual "Blue Monday"? Please don't buy into this -- it's lining pockets and profiting off your right to be moody on any day you damn well please. Read More >>

Finally, a Real-Life Memory-Erasing Technique for Humans

Get your Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind references ready, because scientists have just figured out a way to erase bad memories using—you guessed it—electroshock therapy. Get ready for on-demand forgetting. It's a real thing now. Read More >>

This Eavesdropping App Calls Your Shrink If It Thinks You Sound Too Bummed-Out

Ain't no problem that can't be solved by an app. At least, that's what it seems like the folks at EI Technologies are out to prove. Their app "Xpression" aims to help treat depression by listening to a user's voice, cataloging his or her moods, and alerting a doctor of any dangerous dips. All automatically. Read More >>

Watch This Hilarious Russian Racoon Try and Fail to Top Himself Again and Again

This dark comedy sequence about a suicidal racoon is just an advert for superglue, but it's proper funny. The melancholy little fellow just wants to end it all, but the sodding superglue is just too damn good, forcing him to try it again and again! It reminds me of those suicidal bunny cartoons. Read More >>

Stress-Induced Depression Is Real

Stress breeds depression. Anecdotally, we all know that's the case, but scientifically speaking it's been a hypothesis that has until now remained unproven. A new study, however, reveals that chronic stress affects us at the genetic level, in turn creating very real brain changes associated with depression. Read More >>

How Depressed People Use the Internet

The internet is different things to different people: a social hub, gigantic reference library or, for some, a place to seek solace. In fact, research shows that the way depressed individuals use the internet is dramatically different to the norm—and the findings could help diagnose depression earlier. Read More >>

Can Facebook Updates Predict Depression Ahead of Doctors?

We all have friends that post ambiguous, leading or confessional posts on Facebook. Often, they're plain irritating—but could they be used to spot mental health problems ahead of trained clinicians? Read More >>

Study: We Love Facebook Because It Tricks Us Into Thinking We're Doing Something Important

When you're perusing your Facebook account, your brain might be fooling you into thinking you're doing something incredibly creative and productive that will improve your life. If only that were true! Read More >>

Doctors Are Testing Special K as an Instant Depression Remedy

Part of why Special K — the drug, not the cereal — has become so massively popular on the club scene is because of its ability to instantly improve the user's mood. Now doctors in Texas are studying if that effect can help treat cases of severe depression. Read More >>

Is Today the Most Depressing Day of the Year?

Short answer: no. Longer answer: still no. Unless you believe the pseudo-scientific ramblings of psychologist Cliff Arnall, of course, who once developed an equation he thought could predict the day we all feel most depressed. Read More >>

The Pill That Could Cure Depression by Growing Your Brain

If you are depressed, schizophrenic or have Alzheimer's, scientists say you probably have a shrunken hippocampus. The good news: a drug that just entered human trials promises to re-grow that part of the brain. Read More >>

Smoking Pot Will Make You Sad If You Have the Wrong Genetics

The results of a 5-year study of adolescents in The Netherlands shows that young people with a certain gene variant are more vulnerable to depression when they smoke pot. Read More >>


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