This Is What the Hottest Place on Earth Looks Like

You're looking at a satellite image of the Dasht-e Lut salt desert in southeast Iran. If you think it looks a bit weird, that' because it is: it's widely regarded as the hottest place on Earth. Read More >>

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These Star Wars Parkour Guys Are Probably Real Life Jedis

If you dress up like a Jedi on a day that's not October 31st (even if it is October 31st, actually), you're probably going to be branded a geek. Wear that proudly! But if you dress up like a Jedi and do parkour tricks in the freaking desert, while looking like you're in a chase sequence for the next Star Wars movie, well, you're still a geek, but one everyone's envious of. Read More >>

Why Does the Earth Have Rain Forests and Deserts?

You'd think with all the tumultuous weather and winds the Earth experiences, the planet would be covered in a fairly even mix of green space. But it's not. Some parts are covered in fertile rain forests, while others are barren deserts. And it's all because of a weather effect known as Hadley Cells. Read More >>

This Billboard Produces Drinkable Water Out Of Thin Air

Lima, Peru, has the unfortunate distinction of being the second largest capital in the world located in a desert. It rarely rains there, and many of the residents are forced to get their water from dirty wells. But on the flipside, the humidity also hovers around 98 percent, so the local University of Engineering and Technology designed a clever billboard that's able to harvest the moisture in the air and turn it into potable water. Read More >>


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